Silver Lining: Guest post: La Vita E Bella

October 30, 2011

Guest post: La Vita E Bella

Good morning!

Today I am thrilled to introduce a guest blogger! I am so excited to hear from Elisabeth over at La Vita E Bella. 

Without farther ado: the cute blogger herself.


Good morning Brooke’s lovely readers...I am so excited to be guest posting today! I simply adore Brooke, and her blog, and was quite honored when we decided to guest post for each other . Isn’t she just darling?
I love the way she has with words almost as much as I love wasting time with her discussing blogs in the library (you see, Brooke and I work together :)

First, just a tad bit about me:
I let myself be defined by what I love.

Things I love the most:
I love my wonderful husband
I love people; In particular I love my family and my friends - but people in general fascinate me!
I love the Lord.

Other things I love a lot, but not the most: Ice cream, smiles, dancing, traveling, sunrises, running in the rain, baking, late night conversations, laughing, getting lost in a good book, chocolate

I think its also important to love some other things - even if its hard. One of them is trials. These clouds in life are actually great blessings. Don’t get me wrong - I still hate them when I see them on the horizon, and I don’t always appreciate the shadows when they’re in my life... but after twenty one years of living, I’ve realized you can always find the silver lining if you’re willing to look. I love that this is Brooke’s blog theme (isn’t she great?) because it reminds me every time I read it that I never need to be miserable.

My mother used to tell me that happiness is a choice.
 It is.
You do not always choose your circumstances, but you always choose how you respond to them.

Right now, I’m looking for the silver lining that has come from having a sprained ankle for a week -
and while I can’t dance, rock climb, or really walk for that matter...
I’ve gotten to focus more on school, find new things to do with Ben, and let people serve me (which is sometimes difficult to do).

Just finding that lining can make even the clouds in life beautiful.
So come visit me over at La Vita e Bella, where I celebrate the beauty that is life, even when there are clouds :)

Where do you find the silver lining in your life?


Thank you Elisabeth! Isn't she the greatest? Check out her blog. Love it, follow it, stalk it, you know the drill.

And happy Sunday :)


  1. Hey I saw your blog through another. I really like that you did this cute blog swap. Keep writing and blogging.

  2. those pumpkins are just adorable!
    and launching them on campus? i would have loved to see that!

  3. I'm always looking for silver linings, trying to see the positive, looking for the good in any bad situation. It drives my family crazy sometimes, but that's how I roll. :)


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