Silver Lining: why to get the post on Sundays

October 31, 2011

why to get the post on Sundays

This weekend I got the loveliest surprise in the mail. 

Picture this: a stroll to bring in the post on a bright Sunday morning. It was post that had not been picked up yesterday (if there's anything Harry Potter taught me, it's that there's no post on Sunday). Imagine my surprise when I saw a handwritten letter addressed to none other but yours truly. It was from Mama O, the amazing, the illustrious, the hilarious Mama O.

Want to see what she sent me?

This super cute note:

Plus this money (real life money, people. Not even of the monopoly variety).

I'm making it big in this world now :)

What a lovely start to my crazy week. Thank you so much Mama O!

P.S. With this newly kindled flame for handwritten letters, I am having lots of ideas for cute stationary and letter giveaways.... thoughts?

P.P.S. I don't know why I'm calling it post. I live in America, where they call it mail. Maybe some sort of latent desire to be British? Another Harry Potter influence? The fact that it's 5:45am?


  1. Wow, I didn't even expect to be famous! Thanks Brooke...a wonderful Halloooooowweeeeeen surprise! Love your "posts"...(I like the sound of that too, they say we Americans love the British words and sounds, and that is after all those years fighting to get away from the them...oh well!) Love you!!!
    Mama O.

  2. yay! I'm so happy! Altso, my sister does these parties in AZ where everyone makes like 10 homemade stationary all the same, then 10 women come to the party and trade each of theirs, so they have 10 unique letters/stationary. The parties have themes too like "Thankyou" or "Valentines" etc. Sounds fun, right? Now we just have to find 10 ultra crafty girls such as ourselves that live by us.... ... .. .. .

  3. That's awesome! And PS, I like your nail color. And PPS now you have more followers than me! GRRR!

  4. Im a new follower of your blog=)I enjoy it..
    Follow eachother?..

  5. Now I wish I had checked my post yesterday. :) I liked your guest post over on La Vita E Bella. Also did you get married in the Timpanogos temple? If so me too!

  6. Awww momma's are the best!!!

    - Sarah

  7. I Grabbed your button, so grab mine=)

  8. I love that you call it post! :] So fun! And what a sweet note! I really need to write more letters. They are the best things to get in the mail!!


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