Silver Lining: this is what halloween looks like in the 2nd grade

November 1, 2011

this is what halloween looks like in the 2nd grade

my lovely mentor teacher made those. how cute is she?

Plus, halloween in the 2nd grade looks like homemade crafts, popcorn hands, skeleton balloons, and a huge spider.

What did your Halloween look like?

P.S. I'm kind of proud of myself for not posting pictures of all my cute kids and their costumes. Aren't you glad I follow the law so I don't have to go to jail?


  1. This is why I love being a teacher :)

  2. I don't know. Jail could be interesting.

  3. SO cute! and i wish i could see all those cute little kids, but way to be legal :)

    and halloween over here looked like big babies in onesies - possibly the most comfortable halloween costumes yet :)

  4. Awwww! I bet they were adorable! I love looking at children's costumes...they're so darn cute! But kudos for following the law! ;)

  5. I'm glad you won't be going to jail! Haha. I would have such a hard time not posting pictures of adorable kids! Your Halloween looked wonderful though! :] Ours was spent at school and work and then passing out candy at home and running out. Haha. I felt awful when we ran out!

  6. how cute! this is why I miss being little! The holidays were always so great. What adult doesn't want to use the excuse of little kids to continue doing these ridiculous things? Miss that!


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