Silver Lining: little

October 22, 2011


When I see this picture, I maybe 
sort of 
kind of 
get a liiiiittle bit 
baby hungry.

{but wasn't sammy just the cutest as a toddler?}

The main problem is that we have a spare bedroom in our lovenest. 
We use a little bit of it for storage, but mostly it's just an empty room, and every time I walk past I think of all the cute and chubby things that little room could hold.

Not to mention last night during date night when we saw a young, college-going couple quietly getting ice cream with a little baby girl sleeping in their arms. They took turns holding her and kissing her sleepy little forehead and oh dear me but I wanted one.

Nobody panic. I'm not getting too crazy yet {kind of}. This is not the time. There are degrees to be earned, and monies to be saved, and promptings to follow before it's time for that.

But just to be safe, I better make that spare room into a study room before I get out of control.

Ladies, am I the only one? Are there secret baby-resisting strategies that I should know about? Some sort of ancient art that unlocks powerful indifference to all things baby?


  1. hahaha - yes i know what you mean. i never wanted baby boys, only girls, till i fell in love with Ben and saw pictures of him as a toddler! it gets even worse when you're around someone with cute little kids ... although i've heard a nursery calling is the best form of birth control ;)

  2. oh da sweet baby Sammy. Don't worry, I was baby hungry before Nick and I even got married. The only thing that ever made me reconsider my baby-need-now syndrome was after the 500,000th time I asked Nick if we could have a baby, he just said yes out of the blue. And I was like "Oh wait....maybe I'm not ready yet" lol. Maybe I need to give that hint to sam though, not you. Thanks for sharing the picture though!

  3. very very cute picture! no good advice for you...i am no where close to ready to having a baby...but i know one day i will be and maybe then i will start to have these feelings and thoughts.

  4. HAHA!! TOTALLY know what you mean.... and no, I have no baby-resisting strategies... Let me know when you think of some :)

  5. Cute baby Sam! WHEN the time is right, you guys are going to be great parents. And you will know when the time is right. Don't feel a need to hurry, you need a solid relationship between the two of you first--and believe it or not, that takes more than three months. :)

  6. Having a baby pretty much squashed my baby hunger. And then having a second one really beat the remainder to a pulp! It's only just starting to pick itself up and go on with life now. The best thing to do it to find a friend who has a baby and hang out with her. Then you can get your baby hunger fed and not have to actually have one yet!

  7. Aww, cute picture! Babies are so so cute. I think the best way to enjoy them is to play and play with other people's babies. When they start crying or having stinky diapers, you can give them back :)

  8. i work at kid's club in 24 hour fitness, and there are a few kids who REALLY make you want cute little babies, but then there are plenty to make it a good form of birth control as i am told ;)


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