Silver Lining: Feature Thursday: the lovenest

October 20, 2011

Feature Thursday: the lovenest

this is our lovenest.

or, at least, little snapshots of it, taken at 2am with the flower mode on my canon.

the lovenest was named long ago, way before sam engaged me, when we found ourselves in a huge heap of piled blankets. sam said that was our lovenest, and the name's stuck ever since.

so welcome! stay a while. look around. and most of all, come visit in real life. we'll give you a real tour, and most likely something yummy to eat as well.

fall leaves outside our door

homemade banner

we love love. don't you?

we also have a keyboard

a homemade headboard

and three square mirrors in our hallway.

Not to mention our vintage {euphemism} bathroom wallpaper

these cheery flowers

and this watercolor of us {which we won in a giveaway via no two fish and corina's corner}.

i love our lovenest. it's fun, playing house for real. we're not allowed to paint our white-grey walls, so it's a game finding cute, cheap ways to cover the white-greyishness of it all.

what would you like to see in feature thursday posts? know of a great blog, small business, or link that should be promoted? what are your favorite feature thursdays to read?

sweet dreams, 



  1. Dudes! I'm super impressed by your homemade headboard! And just wait, the bathroom wall paper will eventually be back in style. Just a few more years.

    And I can totally think of a blog that could use some good promoting...

  2. so cute - i love the headboard and the banner!

  3. I love it!! You guys are so crafty ;] And it looks like you're having tons of fun!!

  4. How do you know Stacie and Bennett?


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