Silver Lining: on making it big in this world

October 19, 2011

on making it big in this world

Today, I had a flash of inspiration. When I say flash of inspiration, I mean of course that this idea has been smacking me upside the head for months now, and I'm just now catching on. And once I catch on to an idea, there's no stopping me. Some call it fixation. I prefer the term "driven" or "dedicated," and please don't accurately diagnose me anymore, it's quite boring.

Here's the inspiration: I will use this blog to make money! Lots of it! I'll break into the {mormon} blogging community! I'll make millions! I'll put my husband through grad school with this money! I'll put my children through grad school with this money! I'll put my grandchildren through grad school with this money! I'll put my grandparents through grad school with this money! {think they'd want to go back?}

My creative writing teacher once told me I was allowed three exclamation marks in my entire writing career. Looks like I used up two and two-thirds of a lifetime in that paragraph alone.

Oh, and speaking of creative writing, someone wants to publish my work {my work! in a magazine!}. {there I go again with the exclamation marks. I am out of control tonight}. 

Anyway, back to the thesis statement of my impending affluence. Keep checking this blog for buttons, and linking parties, and about me pages, and guest posts, and giveaways and all things cute and bloggy. 

My grand idea was received with a mischievous grin by the husband, who said "it's about time that blog did something useful," because that love of mine is a scoundrel on principle. I still haven't figured out exactly what principle his scoundrel-ness is based on, but there is something to be said for people who stand by their principles, however vague and Han Solo-ish they may be. He also stands by the principle that the alarm clock must go off in precise five minute increments for half an hour before he will get up, which is another principle I have yet to see the logic of. Wouldn't you rather wake up just once, not every five minutes?

In other news, next week I start working in the elementary school all day, every day. That will be the real test, and I am so excited.

Tonight, to celebrate my impending success in so many areas {ha}, I am dreaming about my new chambray shirt (it's my current obsession, and now I finally own one. For the job, you know), and applying three coats of this nail polish.


To all my more seasoned blog readers: what are your secrets to success? How can I break into the blogging community? Tips? Helpful hints? Rich sponsors just waiting for an invitation to contact me? I love your input.


  1. Others call it obsession...but I'm no psychologist. :)

  2. Haha I love you Brooke!

  3. I wasn't sure if you were joking about making money on blogger or not, but if you are serious... it is definitely possible. I have had the same idea for a long time, and have been planning out ways to do it effectively, and I decided to start a blog on how to save people money. Just sign up for google adwords and put advertisements in your blog, I have already done that on websites and with no effort made a few bucks. Good luck Brooke!

  4. Haha this post just made my morning! As a seasoned blogger once told me, the most important thing you can do is post often and comment on other peoples blogs because they're more likely to read yours if they feel like they 'know' you. And i'm right there with you - lets break into this blogging world!

  5. oh and i love the pictures :)

  6. Yay for you! And good luck! I like your new header by the way.

  7. Love this Brooke! And I'm so relieved that you got that chambray shirt, post a picture. I will send you 5.00 for reading your blog, see? You are making money already! Love Mama O.
    PS love the nail polish, come do mine. And I'll give you 5.00 more dollars. Oh, this money thing is soooooo easy! ha ha ha ha ha ha (insert maniacal laughing here)!!!!!!!!!! (and give those exclamation marks to your english teacher, what? Not use exclamation marks? What fun is that?!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lol sounds like a gr8 idea!!! i hope to make some $ off my blog but not millions...and LOVING that nail color!!!

  9. This is great! Why am I just reading this now?! lol


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