Silver Lining: in the air: my daily joy

October 17, 2011

in the air: my daily joy

Fall is here -

--can you feel it?


Today, my joy was hiking with Sammy and taking pictures of my favorite season.

Afterwards, we walked up to an overlook and saw all the sights that are so significant to me.
  • where we went sledding and Sam got a concussion. It must have knocked all the sense out of him, since he wanted to make us official a few days later :)
  • where we spent so much time at BYU going to classes and sneaking lunch breaks and pocket sharing in the winter
  • where we spent so much time at the Elms going on dates and laughing our heads off and wishing we were married already
  • where he engaged me {we could see the general area, at least}
  • where he took me to the temple so often before we were married
  • where he took me to the temple for real, on that best day
  • the lovenest, our first home together
Utah will not be my permanent home, but I had to admit, standing there and watching the sunset with Sammy, it has been very very good to me.

That was my joy today. What was yours?



  1. Beautiful pictures! I love fall too. Fall and winter are my favorite in terms of weather. Summer I love for the easy schedule and Hebgen, of course.

    What's that poem? The one where the author is asked which season he loves best, and he ends up naming each of the seasons in turn because they all have something wondrous about them. I'm so glad to live in a place where I can experience the beauty of each of the seasons.

  2. Mine is when Cole bends down to sniff the flowers at the bottom of our stairs. He doesn't understand sniffing, so he blows on them. And he doesn't understand blowing, so he spits all over them. He also blew on your picture of the sunset because he thought it was fire :)

  3. We went for a drive recently in a canyon to look at all the changing leaves. It's so peaceful. I love it. Thanks for sharing!


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