Silver Lining: weekend love

November 6, 2011

weekend love

Sometimes after a week of stress and exhaustion and observations, you need a weekend exactly like mine. I got to relax and be with Sam, which was just what the doctor ordered.

On Friday I experimented with a yummy new recipe (usually weekends are the only time I have to get creative with my cooking). It was lemon garlic spaghetti - YUM. Recipe to follow.

Then, Sam and I made a quick stop at the basketball exhibition game. After that, we headed over to our favorite cupcake shop. It was the anniversary of our first official date (we have two first official dates, and we celebrate them both. It's fine. The more the merrier, right?). Sam decided to recreate that date. We sat at the same table, ordered the same mint hot chocolate {first one of the season baby!} and even peeled off the stickers and stuck them on each other's shirts like we did on our first date. 

Plus, while we were there, we ran into my dear old roommate and her cute new boyfriend.

Then, unlike our first date, we came home and snuggled and watched Modern Family together. It was definitely an improvement over the thanks-goodnight-hug-awkwardly fumble for your keys door scene that happened on our first date :)

Saturday involved taking a math test, getting in a few hours of work, going to campus with a shameless disregard for my own physical appearance {glasses and a sweatshirt? what else is there?}, and going on a run with this little ball of fluff.

Afterwards was date night at the temple and daylight savings {was anybody else inordinately excited for daylight savings this year??}.

Sunday has been early morning snuggles, getting the sleep that I desperately needed, church, and another new recipe. Plus it's our three-month anniversary :)

Our single friends are coming over soon for farkle and cookies, and then we're making a quick stop at a birthday party.

I guess nothing crazy or life-changing or super exciting happened this weekend. It was slow, and relaxing, and happy, and just what I needed this weekend. Three cheers for weekends.

How was yours?


  1. So Fun! I do love me some farkles!

  2. Aww I remember our anniversary of our first date too. It was almost 10 years ago!!!!! I wouldn't consider myself old (27), but that makes me feel old lol.

    - Sarah

  3. I'm telling Nathan you called him my "cute new boyfriend." he will laugh at that. It was so good to see you! I like impromptu doubles with you :).

  4. a new recipe sounds awesome...and that dog is too cute!

  5. Yes, yes, thank you day light savings I've needed you. And I might need to borrow your lucky outfit below. :) I'm sure your husband would be happy to pose for you if he knew dinner was dependent on that post. :) (Also new haircuts make anyone feel like a model.)

  6. nothing life changing can be a good thing! and so relaxing!


  7. Lemon garlic spaghetti. Do share!
    Pretty please, of course:)
    And thanks for stopping by and showing some love. What are some of your fave authors?
    Also, would you like to swap buttons? =D

  8. this is just adorable :)
    happy three months!

  9. Just came across your blog and love it! Cant wait to read your posts. I am your newest follower! Cute Cute pics!


  10. Your weekend sounds absolutely wonderful! So relaxing! We spent ours with family so it was crazy and exhausting but also so fun! Also, I'm jealous that you are playing farkle with friends! I love that game! When we meet someday we should double date and play!! :]


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