Silver Lining: year round

November 29, 2011

year round

So there I was, sitting on a chair on campus last night. It was 7:15pm, and I was in a grumbling mood. You know, leave for school when it's still dark, don't come home until way after it gets dark again. School projects. No time. Lack of sleep. Husband's errands are taking forever. Famished. Cold wet shoes. That type of grumbly mood.

Husband was doing Important Car Errands, and I was channeling all my grumpiness by glaring at the floor tiles.

Then a voice in my mind started speaking to me-

At least you have a car.

You have a car! That gets you places!
And a husband who changes the oil and fixes the car for you.

You have a husband.

You're at school.

You're warm.

You have something to eat at home.
And then I was chagrined, and kept listening to the voice in my head, and gave embarrassed looks to the floor tiles.

And that voice went on and on. Everything it said was true.

I started catching on.

My husband picked me up. We went for a drive to see Christmas lights. I get to be with that angel who uses his turn signal!

We came home. I talked with my grandpa and emailed some family members. I have a family that loves me!

We planned for Christmas, and my birthday, and a trip to Oregon. I have things to look forward to! 

I think I may owe an apology to those floor tiles I spent so much time glaring at. I have way more than I need, and that is a huge blessing.

Who says Thanksgiving's only once a year?

Linking up to Elisabeth today.


  1. Stop being so freaking cute! And send some of your followers over my way. Make them follow me, even if they never check back. I need numbers people!

  2. LOVE that quote!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

    p.s. I'm doing a fun Kate Spade giveaway I think you might like :-)

  3. I love those moments. When you realize everything is ok...better than ok. Everything is perfect. And you have no reason to be in a bad mood. A bit humbling, but definitely good.

  4. this post is so beautiful! i need to start listening to that small voice more often when i get into my little funks. thanks for the perfect reminder girl!
    xo TJ

  5. I absolutely love this! I have those moments but I need to be better about seeing the good things in them! :] Inspiring!

  6. Hey Brooke, this was a great post! I really needed to remember to be grateful today. (and yes, I still read your blog sometimes, you are such a talented writer!) :)

  7. I have also been kindly reprimanded by that little voice :)

  8. What an awesome post! I fail to remember all the blessings I have in life everyday, this is such a great reminder of the little things that make such a big difference in our lives!

  9. love this brooke - beautifully written as always :)
    and it was so fun seeing you for the first time in forever yesterday :)

  10. such a great post! sometimes i hate getting cheered up. but, it's nearly impossible when we realize how much we're blessed with! thanks so much for the inspiration. you reminded me of all the good in my life.

  11. Some days it's harder to remember the every day blessings we have. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  12. I love this positive post! It's so easy to focus on the negative, when really, we have so many things to be thankful for!



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