Silver Lining: Calm Christmas (combined with countdowns)

December 11, 2011

Calm Christmas (combined with countdowns)

Christmas is crowded squares and loud trumpets and C Major.

But Christmas to me is also soft chords and acoustic guitar and air. Maybe it's weird, but that's why I like this song so much. It's the quiet, sitting by the tree after everyone else has gone to bed type of feeling.

It was produced by a record company in England that my uncle is involved with. The animation was done by children at an elementary school in Norway. Download it for free here, and keep those quiet moments during this crazy week.

Currently counting down: to the end of finals
Currently dreaming: of a full night's sleep
Currently nervous: about my next final, which starts in 6 1/2 hours
Currently wishing: for my birthday to be here (8 more days)
Currently loving: finals survivals kits from my Krystimom
Currently debating: should I get out of my warm bed and go to the bathroom? should I stay in bed and risk it? How badly do I really have to go??

{Okay, but I'm not the only one who has that bathroom dilemma, right?}



  1. Good luck on your finals!!

  2. Seriously good luck on your finals. And what are we going to do to celebrate your birthday!!??

  3. absolutely not. I do the bathroom dilemma all the time.

  4. Good luck on your exams and don't stress too much! ;)

  5. I hope you survived finals!! That song is such a pretty song. :)


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