Silver Lining: Link Up! Year in Review

December 28, 2011

Link Up! Year in Review

It's the end of the year, and that calls for reflection. So, I started to write everything I did this year.

But this year, listing events just wasn't doing it for me. I felt like I should do a little more. I wanted to write how I changed. What were my successes? What were my challenges? How am I a different person because of this year? This was is harder, but more honest, more reflective, and more, well, more me.

So, here it is. Who I became in 2011.

JANUARY: I fell in love. Really really in love for the first time in my life. And that was a big deal for me.

FEBRUARY: I said it back. I learned how to be vulnerable. The good kind of vulnerable. I learned a lot about relationships in February.

MARCH: I learned how to balance school and work and boyfriend and stress. Lots of success in that department, and lots of failure.

APRIL: He engaged me. I walked on cloud 10 all through finals. Managed to pull all A's. I was WAY too in love and WAY to busy to sleep {who needs that anyway, right?}

MAY: May was a hard month for me. My dad got remarried, my brother left for a mission, and I got surgery, all within 5 days. Also, I was trying to plan a wedding without a mother to help me. All my good friends had moved for the summer. I learned what kind of person I am under stress. I learned that worrying doesn't solve problems.

JUNE: More wedding planning, more angst, more casts from my surgery. On the upside, more and more in love. I learned that some days are so great, but on some days, you just keep on keeping on. And that's okay. Each day was one day closer to my wedding!

JULY: I learned that casts aren't permanent. I learned that vacations and family heal my soul. I got serious about planning a marriage, not just a wedding. I learned just how crucial Sam is to my happiness, and how blessed I am to have him.

AUGUST: I had that indescribable experience of putting on a white dress, looking somebody in the eye, and giving yourself to them completely. I realized what I already knew: I could never settle for "till death do you part." I needed more. I needed eternity. And that's why I got sealed in the temple to Sam.

SEPTEMBER: I was happy. We turned our grey-white apartment into a home. We each took on way more than we could handle. And then we did it all anyways. We learned that together, we can indeed do anything we make up our minds to. We were loving being newlywed, together.

OCTOBER: October was probably the hardest month of the year. I was doing my practicum at the elementary school on top of full-time classes, two jobs, and learning how to do this new wife thing. I had frequent encounters with Mr. Inadequacy, and his counterpart, Anxiety. I wondered if I could really do everything I signed up for. I doubted myself, and consequently everything around me. I looked for a way to escape all the pressure and anxiety.

NOVEMBER: Robert Frost said that the best way out is always through. That is 100% true. I stuck with everything. I called upon my husband and the Lord and my family constantly, and with all their help, I did it. I learned to recognize and identify my anxiety. At the end of the month, when the crazy time was over, I took an amazing vacation to Arizona.

DECEMBER: This has been a good month for me. I finished the semester, got through my second Angel Day, and got to spend LOTS more time with the people I love, doing the things I love. I get to develop my relationship with Sam even further, now that we're not apart all day. I learned about unconditional love, especially how to receive it. I realized how blessed I am.

2011 was a crazy, exciting, changing, growing, top-of-the-charts year.

The Lord has blessed me this year.

How was your year?

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  1. Such a good idea to do a link up! Sounds like you've had an insanely hard year. I'm sorry for that but I'm so glad you've come out a better person. You go girlfriend!

  2. naw! I can't believe all this happened in a year. It was very heartwarming to read, I hope next year is even better for you x

  3. Such a great idea! I may have to link up! I learn alot about you in just one post! :)

  4. A very hard, yet good year it seems. But I'm sure you came out of it a much stronger person. I hope next year is a little easier on you!!

  5. I love this idea! What an amazing year you had!!

  6. It is so remarkable that you've been through so much this year. You are beautiful lady. Congrats on all the wonderful things happening. I will link up as soon as I finish my post. :)

  7. So cool! Congratulations on a fantastic year :)

  8. I love it Brooke!! :D

  9. Brooke - this has been great! It sounds like you had a great year, challenging yes, but great. Thanks for the link party!

  10. thanks for your sweet comment, I added my link!


  11. love this idea to link up. thanks for sharing

  12. Super cute blog :) New reader/follower and also joined your link up!

  13. All linked up :) Have a great New Years sweet friend!!

  14. We had very similar years of wedding planning and such :) I love what you said about planning a marriage not a wedding.. def a realization I had to deal with also! :) Love your blog!

  15. love you blog :)

    Looks like a good 2011 year in review!

    Hope you have a wonderful 2012!

  16. Thanks for the comment & thanks for this post! We sure have a lot I be thankful for. Have a blessed 2012!

  17. I love your idea for the 2011 in review!! What a great way to link up with new friends. Super cute blog!!

  18. you are so awesome! can't believe i almost missed this amazing link up.

    so happy you found love this year. it's the best, no?!


  19. I absolutely loved reading your year in review and your Merry Christmas below is so adorable, Happy New year!!

  20. why didn't I see this earlier? I linked up my own 2011 review. Thanks for this great idea and happy new year Brooke!

    I know we only knew each other that one semester, but I really admire you and I enjoy reading your blog!

  21. I just discovered your blog. Congrats on getting engaged and married in 2011. We got engaged on Christmas Eve and I can't wait to get married this year!

  22. I love how you reviewed your year in terms of experiences and lessons. Hope your next year will be a beautiful one! :)




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