Silver Lining: Snow Storms, Dress Shirts, and a Strawberry Cake

January 22, 2012

Snow Storms, Dress Shirts, and a Strawberry Cake

Yesterday, I drove in a snowstorm. It was really scary. 
I've driven in the snow lots of times since I moved here for school, 
but this was the first time I had to get home in the middle of a snowstorm
I took the back way up the hill to my house, but still almost didn't make it. 
The car in front of me slid into a neighbor's driveway.
 The car next to me was completely stuck. 
I was praying and swerving, and slowly, slowly coaxing my car Wesley up that hill.

That being said, it's fun to be safely snowed in at home with mint hot chocolate and a movie. (to the Gringeri's: I'm sorry that we got snowed in and had to cancel our date!)

In other news, I'm on a mustard yellow kick, so today I wrapped my husband's too-big dress shirt around myself, added a belt, and wore it to church. 

Also, my cousins are awesome,

Happy birthday Krysti,

and check back tomorrow for a big blogging announcement!


  1. Wait. That a SHIRT?? That's amazing. Good work on being creative.

  2. Seriously, that skirt (skihirt??) is awesome! And doesn't mint hot chocolate make everything better??

  3. Way cute skirt idea! And thanks for coming to dinner! We loved it! And I'm glad to announce that the couch survived!!

  4. Oh my word! I love the shirt as a skirt! Too cute for words. :) xoxo


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