Silver Lining: sick day

February 5, 2012

sick day

My poor husband is sick. Really sick. And you know what?

I'm grateful that he doesn't have to be alone when he's sick. I'm grateful that I can help minister to him and take care of him, when it's usually the other way around.

I'm grateful for aunts and uncles who understand when we have to stay home from our superbowl party.

I'm grateful for neighborhoods that I can take a walk in when I need a little fresh air.

I'm grateful for drugstores that are open on Sunday, even if it takes a few tries to find one.

Most of all, I'm grateful for Priesthood blessings. I'm grateful that the age of miracles has not passed. I'm grateful for my brother who came to administer a blessing.  And I'm grateful that just seconds after the amen, Sam's body finally let him get rid of all the yuckiness inside of him and start the road to recovery.

Happy Sunday, everyone. I'm grateful today for the Lord's tender mercies.

Almost completely related: this is from one of my favorite American poets.


  1. Hope your love feels better soon!

  2. I love that feeling of being needed, even though I hate to see my husband sick too. I love taking care of him in that way. It's just different. I'm glad your husband is feeling better! Thank goodness for the priesthood. (I like that little bit of poetry too.)

  3. I'm glad your husband is starting to feel better. :)

    Just dropping by from Follow Friday!

  4. Isn't it great when they need us? That nurturing instinct just kicks right in. Hoping Sam continues to improve :)

  5. Hope Sammy is feeling better. And I hope John didn't keep him up too late singing and ... talking? with Tube!

  6. Sick is an opportunity to love well, and it sounds like you're on top of that. Way to go!!


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