Silver Lining: on the monday before school starts for the last time

April 24, 2012

on the monday before school starts for the last time

// spring nail polish, mix and match style

//we went to Spark for a before-spring-term-starts treat. This is the closest we'll get to sugar during our healthy schmealthy initiative. I was in heaven {and I even saw my cousin there}.

//new {to us} furniture. Yes yes and yes. Although we have nowhere to put it in our tiny lovenest.

//summer reading, part 1. Including some old favorites and lots of 5th grade books. Something about wanting to relate to my kiddos in the fall.

School starts today. It's the last 7 weeks I'll ever have of school {WEIRD}. I tell myself I'd rather sleep in all summer and do nothing, but honestly, I go crazy when I'm doing nothing for too long. And I know I'll miss it when it's over. So here's to this one last term!


  1. Good luck! You're going to be a great teacher! Maren cried when I told her about piano lessons. :(

  2. Hooray for finishing up school! And hooray for pretty nail polish :)

  3. oh cute furniture! i read a lot of kid books, too. i claim it's because i'm a teacher but, really, i teach four year olds. they're not going to be reading the books i read. i just enjoy what the younger generation is reading. :)

  4. ahh so jealous, this time next year i will be done. i'm so jealous. also, i love those nail polishes!


  5. Good luck with your last term!

  6. Good luck...have an awesome final

  7. congratulations on the last first day!
    i'm trying to reread pride and prejudice right now so i was happy to see some austen in your list of books!
    x jes,

  8. hi.
    you're really cute.
    lets be friends.


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