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April 28, 2012

Wanderlust: home

This is my home. 

Maybe it's because humans just need to go home sometimes, but I've been obsessing about going home lately.

Just for a little visit. Just to say hi and hike Multnomah and walk the waterfront.

My fingers are crossed and double crossed that Portland works out for our one year trip.

Isn't it just breathtaking though?


  1. Here's hoping for Portland! It will be a wonderful trip. Nice video!

  2. Is it sad that this video made me cry?
    I haven't been home since Christmas and I don't get to go home until August. Miss that Portland weather.
    Thanks for posting, girl!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  3. thank you for your wonderful comment dear <3
    sure I'll follow you back <3

    come and see my blog again if you have time,

  4. Hi, thanks for leaving a comment, I really liked it:) You have a lovely blog! I follow you now, I just started blogging, and I would love if you follow me back:)


  5. I teared up a little as well. I've been missing "home" a lot recently, although I'm not really sure where that is anymore. I guess technically it's here, but it doesn't feel like it. I think I just miss my family, since wherever your family is can be home.

  6. I teared up watching this video last week as well. Portland was home for only a short 18 months but it is still home in my heart. What an amazing city - many a day I wish I never left.

  7. How did I not know you were from Portland?! This is my home too and I miss it horribly! Luckily I go home a lot :)
    Modern Modest Beauty


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