Silver Lining: Cacti and palm trees

May 6, 2012

Cacti and palm trees

After my second trip to Arizona, dare I say that despite the heat, it's starting to really grow on me?

And dare I go further to say that it might not be the worst thing ever if we ended up there?

Maybe it's the newness of it all. Arizona is 100% opposite from where I grew up. But I'm getting quite fond of the cacti, and the palm trees, and the desert, and the people.

And I have a lot more to say about my amazing trip.


  1. I've lived in AZ most of my life and it's pretty fun once you get used to the heat ;) Although I'll warn you that it takes a LONG time to get used to it hahahaha ;) Flagstaff and northern places aren't as hot as the valley which is nice to escape to!

  2. My husband is from Arizona and every time we go there I fall a little bit more in love!

  3. my husband is from az as well and while i'm from vegas so its relatively similar, i still think vegas is the best. however, az is starting to grow on me. its a pretty good place. if you are still there you should go to joes farm grill :)


  4. I hope you guys had a fun trip.

  5. I've lived in AZ my whole life, but it wasn't until I reached adulthood that I really fell in love with it. The great thing about AZ is that you're only a couple hours away from cooler mountain climate if you live in the desert, so if the heat becomes unbearable, there's an escape.


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