Silver Lining: Donald at a barbecue

May 3, 2012

Donald at a barbecue

Good news, people. My dslr is back in commission. I think I know what the problem was all along - I didn't name it? Doesn't everything need a name to behave as they should? I'm thinking about something like Alfred, or Hubert. Something that vaguely says coke bottle glasses and short sleeve button-ups. Are you with me? It's early.

Which of course called for a few snapshots of my evening, via my trusty ole Spencer (no. Donald?). 

We're off to Arizona today! Three cheers for vacations, and weddings, and Sam's family!


  1. Pretty pictures!! I vote for Albert...then you can call it Albie (at least that's what I would do haha). Have fun in Arizona!! :)

  2. Love your yellow sneakers and the chocolate cake looks AMAZING!

  3. Cute stuff! Looks like you guys had a fun BBQ!


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