Silver Lining: The Great iPhone Case Debate: Help Please!?

May 25, 2012

The Great iPhone Case Debate: Help Please!?

Sam and I are getting iPhones in a few weeks.
{I know, we're practically decades behind the times. But still, we're excited.}

So I found a cute case that I love.

But now... I've been hearing from a lot of people that I should get a less pretty, more protective case.

This is where all you iGroupies come in. 

Is it worth it to return my case and get one that's more protective? Hard or soft shell? Where can I get one that's cute AND protective? Brands you love?

Leave a comment and help a girl out! I'll be sure to let you know what I decide.


  1. Brooke, you can have both design and protection. I got Carly and my iPhone cases on and it allows you to pick a design, followed by what type of case (soft, slide, metal, and even Otterbox which is the name brand for protection). If you buy them now there's a promo code for a Father's Day discount, 15% off and free shipping...the code is "DADSDAY2012" And I guess since Sam's your daddy now ;) it's definitely worth looking in to.

  2. I just got an iphone 4s, I love it to death and can't imagine having any other phone! I started out with a "pretty" case that i found from etsy. But was so worried about dropping it because the "pretty case" was just that pretty and didn't protect it. So, I went with this
    I really like it and it's cute too. I feel it's very secure and I don't worry about throwing it in my purse. Another thing I like about it. It has a cover on the bottom where you plug it in, so that nothing gets in there, like when it's in my purse(most cases are open in the bottom for the plug in).
    Good luck and enjoy your phone, you are going to love it!!

  3. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    I love basic cases. I have one from Target -- I've dropped my phone many a time and (knock on wood), it's still in tact!


  4. So, I don't have an iPhone, but I have an iPod touch and the case I have for that is both cute and sturdy. It's dropped a few times and it's still fine. So I say just look around. You're bound to find something. Although the site that Ryan suggested sounds awesome.

  5. ok so i have a case more like the one on the left. i'm personally the person that doesn't carry a purse all the time, if you put a screen cover it, i think its fine. unless you have children i don't think the hardware is quite necessary. just my thoughts.


  6. I don't have an iPhone, but I dropped my regular phone twice in five minutes the other day, so I would probably go with a more protective one :) Do you drop your phone a lot?

  7. I got a few cases for mine (Amazon is a great place to look) ;) If you're one that drops your phone then I would get like an Ottorbox case - it's a little more expesive BUT they also look cuter than those other ones and it's slightly waterproof ;) Etsy is another place you can lok for cases but i feel like they're too expensive, but that's my personal opinion ;)

  8. less pretty? NO! always in style! I dont like my white one because the flash reflects off of it and makes it glossy but colored ones should be fine!


  9. Go with the pretty one!! 100%!

    Originally I had a very protective Speck case but I found it it be very boring, so my dad ordered me a cheap-o pack of 5 glitter cases on eBay for 6$. I found that the cheap ones protect the back and sides of the phone just as well. All you really need for the front is a good screen protector.

    Have fun with your new phone! :-)

    xoxo Mis ALK

  10. Same dilemma here. If you find one that does both please let me know. I have an incipio right now and it protects really well. There is a lip around the edge do if you drop it face down the screen won't touch the ground. Good price on amazon and it's not nearly as bulky as other protective cases.

  11. I have yet to get the iPhone (Verizon announced they were getting the iPhone ONE week after we'd just bought droids, dang it! But come November when it's upgrading time I will be a proud owner of the iPhone :)
    Good luck choosing a case! They have the cutest options for iPhones!

  12. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    I am a loyal reader but i dont like to comment normally, but these days i just thought i would let you know my thanks. cheers!

  13. I have a speck case and love it. It is still a cute case and comes in a bunch of different colors and designs, but still is pretty protective, I have dropped it several times and not had any issues. You are going to love your iPhone! Once you go Mac you never go back, lol!! Haha

  14. Honestly I think it just depends on how often you drop your phone, haha. Somehow I've gotten lucky and have never broken a phone due to droppage but I know that may be unusual. But yeah, there are definitely cases that are both cute and protective. They have a lot of nice ones just at the store when you get the phone, too - I'm still using the Speck case I got at the Verizon store and I have no complaints. I really like the design on the one in this post though, that's adorable.

    Thanks for the comment on my Captain America post! Definitely looking forward to following you. :)

  15. Hi Brooke, I have a 4S, Jeff has a 3G. we both have cases on them they probably somewhere between soft/hard..I just got mine a a mall kiosk in WA Square, I think I paid $30 for 2..dropped my phone numerous times..on my driveway and it's lived to tell, so I consider that good!!! Come back to OR soon & know you want to!! -Colleen

  16. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

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  17. my husband is a cellphone salesman for a living so here are the four most important things about iphone protection

    1. do not get a case with any white or light colours in it. it will be a waste of money because in less than two weeks it will be so GRIMY you will be desperate to take it off. and so you will, and then you will drop your phone :(

    2. the most important factor a case can have to protect your iphone is a lip which comes up over the front of your phone a bit. let's put it this way, when you drop your phone by accident - you have a 50/50 % chance it landing on the front or the back. if it lands on the front and you have one of those cases that only protects the sides and the back - it will chip all along the edges. i know from experience!

    3. rubber will actually protect it better than plastic or whatever else. my husband says you want it to bounce a bit.

    4. just as important as a case? get a matte screen protector. it's like a little sticker.

    and a freebie:
    don't ever put your phone in your back pocket. truly. he tells me this is how the majority of screens get cracked!

    have fun and good luck!

  18. okay last thing i swear...the aegis and otterbox cases are not necessary - holy goodness those things are beasts!

  19. You already know what I think. Slim protection.

  20. I have an otter definitely worth it! It's bulky but it will never break and if it does they guarantee a new phony:-)

  21. I second what patience said. I think a cheap rubber one will protect the best. And you can find good looking rubber cases. They do kind of stretch and get worn out over time, but they're cheap enough that it's not a big deal.


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