Silver Lining: Beating the Heat: Your 2012 Summer Guide

July 20, 2012

Beating the Heat: Your 2012 Summer Guide

I don't know about you, but around here

it is HOT.

Also, I don't know about you, but around here

I have a few favorite spaces and places of the Internet.

So I asked some of my leading ladies to share what they're doing this summer to beat the heat.


Kendra from Little Almanac is essentially where I hope to be in five years. She's so cute, she's so pregnant, and she has a little girl with the cutest eyes and smile. In her words:

"Being 8 months pregnant, chasing an 18 month old, and currently baking in 95 degrees plus humidity, there is only one savior in the sweltering heat for me - the pool! Splish splashing keeps my Evelyn happy and I conveniently get a nice summer glow. It's a win win :) Oh, and maybe a little milkshake here and there helps keep off the heat, too!"

Natasha from The Picablocks, posts about little blocks that make up her life. She always has cute images with her posts, too! In her words:

"Summer is the all-year weather in my country. Here we are trained to live in jacket and long sleeves even when heat wave attacks. But here's a tip : Hit not the pool but waterfall! That should help you to live in the weather, for maybe a little longer. " 

Elisabeth, from La Vita E Bella, is not only one of my best blog friends, but one of my best real-life friends, too. She's always doing something way cool, and summer time means playtime in the form of double dates together! In her words:

I love summer because it makes jumping in cold water feel great! If I could swim (preferably in the atlantic) everyday this summer I'd be happy as a clam. But, being stuck in Utah, I stick with the water parks, icecream, and unlimited popsicles."

Meredith, from All Dressed Up, is who I would choose if I got to raid anyone's closet. She does such a great job pairing colors, and finding cool, modest summer outfits to beat the heat! In her words:

"I beat the heat by 1) Staying inside (take that, weather!) 2) Drinking lots of water 3) Taking dips in the pool on a regular basis and 4) Wearing skirts and dresses-  thank goodness for that drafty breeze!  "

Andrea, from Pics-O-Andrea, is one of the cutest quickly growing blogs out there. She's so cute and pregnant, and she writes about daily life in such a beautiful way, with beautiful pictures to go with it! In her words:

I'm pretty used to hot hot summers, being an Arizona native and all. But this summer is my first hot hot pregnant summer! Not gonna lie, I've spent more time under a fan in my skivvies at home than should be mentioned on the internets. Other ways I've found to beat the summer heat have been to keep a decent stash of Otterpops on hand at all times, and avoiding too many layers of clothing. Layers are cute, but sweat isn't. Good luck beating the heat!"

Daryl, from Roots, Wings and Things, got married just a little bit before I did, and moved across the world to live and travel with her husband in Germany! Talk about cool. Also, she is a picture master, and always has amazing traveling adventures. In her words:

"Under normal circumstances (And by normal circumstances I mean living in my hometown in Southern California) the only way to beat the heat is to throw on a hat, tuck a book under one arm and head to the beach. However since moving to Frankfurt, Germany there's been no need to beat the heat because summer never came! I know, so sad. This photo was taken in the Bavarian alps just last was barely 70 degrees and had just finished raining. I suppose I need to count my blessings...all of this rain is what makes the German countryside so gorgeous!"

Alyx, from Every Day is a New Adventure, is one of my most loyal blog friends. She also has many travel adventures, and always puts a positive and hilarious spin on little everyday happenings. In her words:

"I spend my life half-naked (either at the pool or the lake - get your minds out of the gutter)! That's the number one way to beat the heat."

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P.S. my heart goes out to the families of these people

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