Silver Lining: instaLIFE link-up!

July 23, 2012

instaLIFE link-up!

Hi friends.

Today is Monday.

Which means it's instaLIFE link-up day.

The best day all week, obviously :)

So without further ado - 

link up!

Because you're awesome!

Silver Lining

Last week, according to instagram:


meeting: Sam's mission president and my new mini-cactus

eating: snow cones and light summer dinners

discovering: coke machines of the future and cute hidden gazebos

wearing: downtown strolling outfits

creating: hairdos and journal entries


link to your specific post, not your whole blog
any camera phone pics will do if you don't have instagram
use this link-up to find new instagram and blog friends
you must let people know you linked up here! include this button in your post.

Silver Lining


  1. those coke machines are my FAVORITE!!! i seriously LOVE them so much! i always want to try 1820197319 different flavors :) thanks for hosting the linkup girl! you should totally come over and link up to yolomondays if you want!! hope you have a FAB day girl!

  2. You take great pictures! And you're beautiful.

  3. these pictures just make me want to hang out with you. dang it.


  4. Fun! I love that you keep a handwritten journal. I should start doing that again.

    Great blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style & travel)

  5. I love salads in the summer. They're my favorite. :)


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