Silver Lining: instaLIFE link-up!

August 27, 2012

instaLIFE link-up!

It has been one crazy, amazing first week of school (and weddings, and mountains).

Bring on the second week :)

Silver Lining

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two backyard summer weddings

the mountains: up before the sunrise & my mountain on fire

teaching: first day of school & back to school night


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Silver Lining

P.S. Only two days left to enter my DownEast basics giveaway!


  1. That fire on the mountain was a little too close for comfort, not gonna lie... good thing it didn't spread much!

  2. Have an awesome second week of teaching! The fire was scary! Way to close to your house and Dave's parents' house.

  3. I Love the seconds brides face, she looks so happy hehe! glad you enjoyed your first week of teaching! :D

  4. I lived next to a mountain & it was on fire I am not going to lie I would be freaking out. That is crazy! I am glad you are ok :) Other then the fire it looks like you had a blast :)

  5. stoppin' by from life rearranged :) great the giving tree!!! new to your site and joined in on the fun (a day late too)! have a blessed weekend!!!


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