Silver Lining: late summer weddings

August 26, 2012

late summer weddings

Last night was Mandii's open house.

Holy moly people need to get married more often. When people get married, your very best friends end up all in the same backyard drinking lemonade and eating cookies, which is a combination I'd vote for any day.

My advice: don't fret if group pictures didn't "turn out perfectly." Turns out the weird outtakes are the funniest anyway. {Don't kill me Johanna. I had to.}

Three cheers for late summer weddings,
and for love,
and for lemonade with cookies.

Who's with me?


  1. I see meatballs. BBQ COVERED meatballs... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. It must have been a beautiful day for all of you, not only the newlyweds!

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  3. awww! I miss weddings :) I feel like last summer we went to 10 in August, but this year we had zero. They are the funnest of all parties in my opinion. and I agree with the outtake statement :) Totally appopriate

  4. I'm with you! Love Lemonade Cookies...a perfect combination. These photos are many beautiful people--including YOU my friend! I love your pretty hair!!! Hope you have a very happy week ahead! xo

  5. Cute photos! Looks like a fun night!


  6. Simple yet very festive. Looks really fun!

  7. Looks like a fun wedding! I feel like everyone got married this year. Sooooo many weddings.

  8. I love weddings ! When my sister got married there were like 50 of my favourite family friends all partying together. We need more occasions to party like that ! I should plan a wedding to get everyone together again ! I'll need to find the husband first

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  10. Wow, such an awesome pics. That was a nice wedding, love the foods too. A simple but totally awesome. Looking forward for more updates.


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