Silver Lining: the gradual instant

August 2, 2012

the gradual instant

History is a gradual instant.

In a war, it's years of tensions and politics and threats and bad moves that lead up to the tiny second the first bomb is released from a plane, the first bullet fired. The gradual instant.

It's the same with everything else, too. Olympians train and train for decades, and then make history the instant their hand touches the sensor one one-hundredth of a second before the other team. The gradual instant.

It's the same way with me. Sometimes, I think about all the events that led up to me, to my husband and I, to marriage. Years and years of experiences, and thoughts, and desires, all shaping us for this instant, this tiny moment when we walked out of the temple, hand in hand, husband and wife. That gradual instant, that special moment.

I guess I can't wait until Monday when it's our actual anniversary. We've had so many gradual instants, so many great things shaping us, preparing us for each other. And who knows what will happen today, this year, this lifetime, that will become our next gradual instant.

All I know is we'll make history together.

I love him.

What's your most significant gradual instant?


  1. Love this, love your redesign, love it all.

  2. This post is wonderful!

  3. Nice post. And so true about many areas of life.

  4. I agree... marriage is a big gradual instant :) I've contemplated the factors that led my hubby and I to meeting many times. Definitely an amazing, special moment!

  5. That dress is so lovely! :) Thanks for following, it's my first time on your blog as well and I love it here :)


  6. I love the way you wrote this, and now I am trying to think of a gradual instant. I am sure having my baby will be one, but I think graduating from college was also a huge one. I worked for 16 years to get to that point, and then in a matter of minutes I was "graduated." So weird.

  7. So sweet! Happy almost-anniversary!

  8. These are such sweet pictures!

    Drop by and say hello! Have a wonderful day!

  9. AWWW totally swooning over here! so darn cute!
    your dress is so classically beautiful!
    and i love your new blog design:)


  10. I think it was my choice to go to Syracuse University. Because so many significant events have happened as a result of my being there. Without that, I may be in a completely different place with different experiences :)

  11. The Olympics is such a great example!

  12. Oh I loved this post! Very cool thought. Some of my gradual instants are my first kiss with my husband, when my name was called at my college graduation, and most recently, when they laid Kate on my chest and I felt her body move on me after she was just born. Isn't it cool how usually these moments involve family? Thanks for this thought!

  13. The only thing I can even think about is how gorgeous your dress is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

    Happy almost Anniversary!!


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