Silver Lining: becoming passionate about something

September 11, 2012

becoming passionate about something

Turns out, when you teach, you become passionate about a lot of things.

US History, for one. Social studies wasn't emphasized in my pre-service classes very much, but it's turning out to be one of the subjects I'm most passionate about (and one of the subjects my students are most passionate about).

Yesterday our whole grade level had a lesson about the 9/11 attacks (a few of my students were brand new babies during the attacks, and most were still in their momma's bellies). It was a really powerful lesson, and the bottom line is that we are Americans, and with that comes freedoms, rights and responsibilities.

I guess that's the thing about teaching. You pass on good values the best you can and hope they stick, so that this generation can be heroes like the heroes of 9/11.

Today, I'm passionate about America, and I believe in America.

What's YOUR passion?
And what are you doing today to remember?


  1. Aw, social studies is my favorite too!!!

    What a great lesson, love this!


  2. I'm glad you took the time to teach your kids the importance of remembering 9/11. It's good for kids to look outside themselves. And remembering sacrifice and selfless acts of heroism is a great way for kids to see that every person can make a difference in the lives of others.

  3. i remember i was in 5th grade and my teacher was from ny and all of his family was over. at the time i didn't understand, but now today always just makes me so sad. but i'm grateful for america. and i'm grateful for my little brother who is in the naval academy today.


  4. How awesome that you get to teach this little kiddies about something that happened in history during your lifetime! Love your blog brooke. Your adventures with elisabeth make me jealous since I am across the country.


    come follow along:

  5. So true....teaching does bring out the passion in you.

  6. Hey, I'm a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, so I totally appreciate that you are teaching your social studies students about 9/11. I asked my students today if any of them remembered 9/11 (even though they would have been only one or two), and four or five them adamantly insisted that they did, in fact, remember it. When I pressed for details, they said things like, "We went to New York last year and saw it. I totally remember it."

    It's moments like that when I'm especially glad for teachers like you who take the time to explain what really happened on that day. So thanks!

  7. Wow, sometimes I forget there were people who weren't born when 9/11 happened and that it becomes a lesson for young students. Great post!


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