Silver Lining: his & mine

September 12, 2012

his & mine

tungsten carbide. 
$20 on amazon, so when he loses it we can get an identical new one. 

white gold and my mama's diamond in the middle. 
a halo that i love to death.
(no brushed yellow gold trend for me. i didn't like the look.)

he takes his off for basketball, i take mine off when cooking raw meat.

both of us are firmly entrenched in the habit of wearing our rings. we get funny tan lines in the summer.


  1. Gorgeous! LOVE that you can wear your mom's diamond :)

  2. Jordan's ring is a cheapo from online too. For the same reason.

  3. Cute! And more importantly, how did you get circle pictures on your blog? Huh?

  4. my husband's ring is similar - it's tungsten too - we got it off etsy and it has a small off set silver pin stripe! i love the darker metals. and your ring is AMAZING. love them both

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. I love your ring! Ours are a lot alike! And we totally also did Dave's online, I think on overstock. I also think he will lose it. Plus, he doesn't care for a fancy one.

  6. what a sweet post! I love that you have your mama's ring. My mom's original got stolen, so she has a brand new fat one, haha. Pretty sure our husbands have the exact same ring. Didn't know amazon sold them!

  7. My hubby also has a Tungsten ring that we got from Amazon...his is black. Your ring is so pretty! I have a halo setting too :) I'm a new follower!

    The Tiny Heart

  8. So sweet! I have my husband's grandmother's diamond in my setting :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following me, following you back!


  9. Hi! Coming over from Bon's blog!

    My husbands ring is tungsten as well. Unfortunately, he hates sleeping with it on, so he takes it off at night. Boo. I wear mine all the time though. :)

    Beautiful rings!


  10. LOVE tungsten--too bad I didn't get nearly the deal you did!

  11. Beautiful rings you two have! My hubby has tungsten also, he LOVES it! It even spins on the table. He has contests with other guys on whose ring spins the longest, seriously.
    I am you newest follower. Lovin your blog!
    Follow me?


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