Silver Lining: football on a Saturday night

September 18, 2012

football on a Saturday night

First of all, I was totally blown away by all the sweet comments I got on my sick day ranting yesterday. You guys sure do know how to make a girl feel better! This is what the blogging community is all about, you know? 

P.S. I'm feeling a little better today... and I'm going to school! Wish me luck! And I'm not contagious, don't worry.


Saturday night football is one of my favorite things. It's fun to be out in the cold, cheering on your team, but it's also fun to be in a warm house, eating snacks and hanging out with some of your favorite people. It's also way easier to sleep through the third quarter if you're at home :)

Even though our team didn't exactly win this Saturday, three cheers for football and friends and food!

What's your favorite way to watch football? 
Out in the cold or inside watching a TV?


  1. we have season tickets to BYU and while I enjoy watching it there, I'm totally with you. I'd rather be on my comfy couch wrapped in blankets with mountains of food around me. Not on hard bleachers and I have to smuggle food in my pant legs.

  2. We can only watch BYU football when the Cougars are winning. If we start to lose of play badly, off goes the TV and Dave starts skulking around the house. It took me a few years of marriage before I could deal with the fact that sports-teams can so seriously affect a person's mood. :)

  3. This looks super fun! That game was so heart wrenching for me! I love going to games but I really do enjoy a party in the comfort of your own home :)

  4. I'll be the first to comment on what an awesome shirt I'm wearing...

  5. We watch it at far the best way!

  6. Sam, I really like your shirt too.

  7. We don't watch football, sorry. However, I really enjoy eating popcorn when I'm watching some TV broadcastings.



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