Silver Lining: sick days

September 17, 2012

sick days

Yup, this is me today.

And yesterday.

(And it better not be me tomorrow!)

One thing I'm working on is patience with myself. I get so frustrated when I'm sick, and very impatient when I'm not better right away. It's stressful getting a substitute, and just sitting at home helplessly, worrying about your students, not even having enough energy to clean the kitchen.

On the plus side:

+ 1 angel husband who takes such good care of me

+ 2 amazing coworkers who print sub plans and make copies for me

+ 3 plates of yummy food my stepmom sent me 
(which I have full confidence I'll be able to eat someday)

+ In case anyone wants to risk infection, 
I have all the dry toast, gingerale and saltines you could want.
And a very snuggly cable knit afghan.

P.S. Does anyone have any magical remedies for feeling better?


  1. sorry to hear you are feeling sick. i hope you get better really really soon.
    sleep is the best remedy. but really. take some meds and take a nap, it always always always helps.


  2. Thank goodness for Netflix! Sleep and time are the only real cures. Glad Sam is taking good care of you.

  3. get better k? you're not allowed to get sick.

  4. I only got sick once teaching and I have no idea how because my sleeping schedule was horrible. However, I took a multi-vitamin while teaching and made sure to eat five servings of fruits/veggies everyday. The pre-packaged salad bags were awesome and I didn't have to worry about packing a lunch.

  5. Being sick sucks. mainly because you finally get an excuse to not go to work. watch tv all day drinking 7Up and you don't hardly get to enjoy it because you're too busy fighting off death. So sorry.

  6. I drink hot toddy's when I feel bad! I hope you get to feeling better :)

  7. looks exactly like me over the last few days! i cant stand being sick.
    hope you feel better quick!


  8. I try to knock myself out for most of it. Lots of Nyquil and fluids. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. I remember that I always got sick when school first started again. Oh the joys of teaching germ-infested children. ;)

    I know that vitamin C is supposed to help you feel better. And AS SOON AS you start feeling any "sick" symptoms, start popping some zinc tablets. It's said to reduce cold symptoms from lasting longer.

    Feel better!


  10. Honey, green tea, and lots and lots of sleep followed by a walk outside. I've found that I usually feel ok at the end of my sick day but after I sleep for the night and wake in the morning (after not moved in like 10 hours) I feel crappy again. Sometimes you've just got to get up and moving and pray that it is only a ruse.

    Get well!

  11. ugh. I hate being sick. It makes me way more grateful for the times that I am healthy. It almost feels like you will never be healthy again. I hate it. I hope you get better soon!

  12. At our house it's a regimen of zinc and vitamin c and drink 'till you float. But really, the zinc is amazing. It's the same stuff as what's in zicam except way cheaper and more effective. Good luck getting better!!!

  13. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Let me know if you need anything else! Dave is sick today too, home and feeling yucky with what sounds like similar symptoms. I'm sure your students miss you!

    PS: I better not get it!

  14. I'm sorry you're sick! This seriously sounds just like David. His school started a month ago, and he has literally gotten sick 3 different times. We've decided that he has to learn patience because he gets so mad at himself when he gets sick. And I think his patience for sickness is actually improving! I hope you get better by tomorrow!

  15. Oh no! Feel better soon. Ginger ale and crackers are my go to!

  16. Ah man! So sorry that you're sick! I was actually feeling sick all day on Saturday. I slept all day and used some essential oils. By Sunday morning I felt 100% better!

  17. I was sick all last week and sleep was the best thing for me. I think I slept all day Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it seriously did the trick. Sleeping with a heating pad helps me too. Hope you feel better soon!

  18. If you go back to work and start feeling sick again, start downing Vitamin C packets in water or Airborne! My husband makes me do it, it tastes gross...but it's totally worth it. Feel better!!


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