Silver Lining: late summer barbecue

September 2, 2012

late summer barbecue

 Oh Labor Day weekend.

It's sneaky, the way it tricks you into thinking summer and sunshine and barbecues are on their way in, not out.

But still, I love it for all its sneaky ways. 

P.S. Notice how the pictures stop as soon as the food comes out. That's how you know it really was me that took these :)

How's your Labor Day weekend so far?
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  1. Haha as soon as the food comes out at family get togethers, the room goes silent. Bbqs are the best!

  2. looks like so much fun! and yes, food always stops me too, i want that food now. haha. but really.
    but im ready for summer to go, you sneaky little labor day, don't try and trick me. i want fall. now. haha.


  3. Such fun and I am the same with the food! Just from that picture I am so wanting those brownies!

  4. I love labor day two!! but then i hate going back to work afterwards.


  5. what an amazing pool and view!!

  6. This looks like such a blast!!! Loving the day off tomorrow :)

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  8. I miss all of you! It is so great to see you, even if it is only in pictures! While you were at the pool, we went to the coast and ate massive amounts of Tillamook ice cream. Also fun, but we took no pictures so that we can easily deny the whole thing. xox

  9. Fun!! And looks like we need to have a toenail polishing party real soon!


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