Silver Lining: oh fall.

August 31, 2012

oh fall.

Oh fall.

Crunchy leaves. Gold. Boots. Bordeaux. Back to school. Scarves.

AH I love it.

Here's what some of my fave ladies had to say about fall:

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Jessica from Swenson Love
"There are so many things that I love about Fall! Worn in jeans, boots, scarves, pumpkin patches, caramel apple cider from Starbucks and of course pumpkin pie are just a few of our favorites in the Swenson home. Mick and I also tend to take more walks with the babe. We're all about crunching leaves under out feet!"

Myranda from Pretty Living PDX
"To me fall means back to school, and this means school supplies, no joke school supplies are my (secret) addiction, I absolutely LOVE them! So for me fall is a way to feed my addiction at a discount, which my husband is happy about because he usually has to steer me away from the school supplies section at Target. But come on, you can never have too many school supplies, can you?"

"My favorite thing about Fall time are the leaves. I'm weird, I know. But I just love the myriad of colors on the trees throughout the town! I love the feeling of knowing that colors are everywhere and the crinkling sound of fallen leaves. Jumping in them is quite fun too! Fall is such a wonderful time of color, hot cocoa, and many holidays! Who doesn't love it?!"

Hailey Jane from Lizzy & Janes
"I can speak for both of us when I say our favorite thing about fall is school supply shopping! Do you remember in "You've Got Mail" when he writes about sending her a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils - Love, Love, Love! We find any excuse we can to stock up on new things each year!"

Tereza from Tarino Bambino
"Fall is so beautiful around here, but sadly it means that summer and heat has come to an end and since I'm a little beach bum I do miss the summer! I still also Love fall...the colours that fall brings, and decorating my house with bright reds, yellow's and oranges. It gives me so much inspiration for DIY's, and for cooking hearty meals, an of course with a toddler dressing up for Halloween!"

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