Silver Lining: Teaching: Or How I Loved 29 Children in 2 Days

August 30, 2012

Teaching: Or How I Loved 29 Children in 2 Days

I love teaching!

I taught about exclamation marks yesterday, and when it's appropriate to use them, and I've decided this is one of those times when it really is appropriate to use one.

One thing I can't figure out is how people survive as teachers when they don't love it. You  meet those grizzled veteran teachers, and they grumble to you about their long hours or their low pay or their aching feet, and how some children are bound to never graduate so what's the point anyways.

I seriously don't know how they survive. I could NEVER get up early and spend so much time in my classroom and stay late and pray and worry and work for these kids if I didn't have a love for them. 

But I do! Holy cow I love those kids to death. Every day I learn about them - their strengths and weaknesses, their greatest fears (and the weird things they confess to me), and most importantly, how they learn and grow. 

New teachers have a lot of energy, and passion, and ideas, and I think that's a strength. 

(Also, if you're pegging kids that aren't going to graduate, I personally don't think you're in the right profession.)

So the bottom line is - my kids are awesome! It surprised me when, on the second day of school, I found myself saying as they left for the day, "I love you!" Did I love them? It was only the second day! (Mostly appropriate exclamation mark use there.) But one thing I've learned is to never suppress the urge to tell people you love them. People need that.

And now it's the mantra. Every day. "Love you - do your homework - make good choices - see you tomorrow!"

So yes, the bottom line is I love teaching. 

Back to school night 2012

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  1. Totally love this! You are going to be/ already are such a fantastic teacher!!

  2. So sweet! Teaching is such a reward. We need more teachers like you.

  3. You're on to something...surround yourself with positive and good teachers! That was the major downfall to my first year of teaching since my room was shared there was a lot of negativity always around.

  4. What a wonderful person and teacher you are, and I truly value everything you said. I can only pray my kids are as lucky to have a teacher who loves them and cares about them just as much as you do for your own. Best to you in this coming year. And wow!..look at your back to school night? You went all out ;)

  5. I would totally love you if you were my teacher. I'm sure the little presents like that on their desks totally made their day :)


  6. Brooke, you are so amazing! I loved reading this post because secretly, I've always wanted to teach elementary school. You are just the kind of teacher every little child needs, and I am just so excited for you!

  7. it is so wonderful that you love them so much, and that you love your job so much! that is SO important. and that is a GREAT mantra for your class:)


  8. I loved your balloon idea! Super cute!! You are a fabulous teacher and I feel so lucky that I get to work with you. :)

  9. I love this post! Rachel is going to kindergarten in 3 days and I'm having a hard time imagining how a total stranger can love her and take care of her for 6 hours a day when I have so much trouble with that myself. This gives me hope :) I met her teacher the other day and she reminded me of a blonde you. I hope she loves Rachel as much as you love your class.
    Also, thanks for the tips on exclamation points. And I love those balloons.


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