Silver Lining: It gets crazy in elementary school

October 23, 2012

It gets crazy in elementary school

You better believe this is happening right here, right now, for crazy hair day. 


I've never actually highlighted my hair - how do the salon ladies do it so easily?? Aluminum foil is harder than it looks!

And now I'm out the door for an observation by my principal, which I'm way more nervous for than I should be.

Wish me luck!

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  1. we have red ribbon week too! today is sweats day! good luck getting observed - I definitely know that nervous feeling!

  2. i have never dyed my hair but I have always wondered how the salon ladies ever got that foil to work :)

  3. How is everyone having red ribbon week but us???? Ours is always in the spring!

    Good luck today!


  4. glad to have found your blog today via the blog hop! what a lovely place it is. of course i'm following now and looking forward to future posts!

  5. its mainly because they use different foils. its like thinner and easy to fold. just so you know. clearly i'm a pro. haha.and byu doesn't celebrate red ribbon week, heck byu doesn't celebrate anything, should i be surprised?

  6. I'm sure it turned out amazing and you rocked your observation!

  7. Whoa! The craziness is out of control! Good luck on your observation! (Observing? Being observed?) And if the principal doesn't hire you on the spot to be a permanent teacher, that principal is loco!

  8. Haha I love this! Way to be a fun teacher. ANd goodluck with your observation, you will do great!

  9. Hi! Found you though the GFC hop and love your blog! oh wow hope your hair turns out!
    Helene in Between

  10. Good luck with your observation...that's always a little nerve wracking!

  11. i hope things went well for you,
    and make sure to post pictures i wanna see how it turned out!

    ps, id love for you to stop by and share your most viewed blog post on my linky party!

    see you there!

  12. Hey girl, I just stumbled across your blog (although, not from the blog hop) and I seriously laughed out loud because

    1. It's Red Ribbon week at our school too
    2. It was crazy hair day FOR Red Ribbon week today as well!

    Crazy! I almost thought I was reading my own blog ;)

    I love your hair... HILARIOUS! What did the kiddos think of it?? What's tomorrows day for you guys?


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