Silver Lining: 30 Days of Thanksgiving

November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving

Like most people, I'm passively grateful for a lot of things. When asked, I can spout a list like anyone else. Family, friends, church, teaching.... But as it turns out, being actively grateful is a harder, more rewarding challenge. 

This month, I took the 30 Days of Thanksgiving challenge. Each day, I thought all day about what I was grateful for, and made a list of one thing per day. It may seem insignificant, but it really helped me be actively grateful. {And it turns out the things you spout off like family, friends, church and teaching are the things I'm grateful for the most after all.}

1 - that my mom had bright blue eyes
2 - sweatpants
3 - nasal decongestants
4 - students who are kind when they know you're sick
5 - advil
6 - when you feel healthy again
7 - amazing, amazing coworkers
8 - candles that smell good
9 - freshly fallen snow
10 - dinners with family
11 - snuggly outfits and warm houses 
12 - compromises
13 - husbands that do the dishes
14 - the temple
15 - strong jaw lines
16 - holiday outings and Christmas lights
17 - days spent only with him
18 - my healthy, strong body
19 - coworkers who give great advice
20 - breaks from school
21 - cars that work
22 - clean hotels and lazy mornings with my love
23 - family, immediate and extended and in-law
24 - when you know where your life should take you
25 - to-do lists, and crossing them off
26 - that I'm passionate about my career
27 - certainty of decisions
28 - the kindness of my students
29 - 8 hours of sleep
30 - exercising

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P.S. I loved Elisabeth's post on gratitude.
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What are you grateful for right this very second?
Happy weekend!


  1. so, for one of my classes we actually had to do a gratitude journal over the whole semester and we couldnt repeat anything, i found that the hardest part was narrowing things down because in the end im just grateful for everything, even the smallest things.
    such a good perspective i think for everyone to gain.


  2. I did this two! It was awesome. Today I'm grateful for coffee in the mornings :)


  3. What a great challenge (: I'm most grateful for eternal families and this little boy cuddled up beside me!

    Dearest Lou

  4. Great list. But I think you forgot the Lunch Fairy...


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