Silver Lining: will the real holiday please step forward (+ sponsor promo code)

November 28, 2012

will the real holiday please step forward (+ sponsor promo code)

When you're in college, the weeks leading up to Christmas are crazy.

It's like "ChristmasNO! Finals!"

"ChristmasNO! Move apartments!"

"ChristmasNO! Essays and projects!"

Now it's totally opposite. In elementary school we embrace it. We practice Christmas songs every day, we do math projects with gingerbread men, we make snowflakes. I'm in heaven. And then when break actually starts and you're exhausted from your hyped-up children, it makes sleeping in and wearing thick socks and drinking hot chocolate even more rewarding.

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  1. its so true. im over finals. for us its like ryans birthday! noo we have a million papers due! kirstens birthday nooo! finals! christmas no! finals! one year anniversary no! finals.
    thats kind of what my life is like right now.


  2. december is awesome in elementary schools. It's like a giant party and you can't catch your breath after! Except for the day before christmas break. A little hectic for me!

  3. New follower from the Stack Up hop. Hope you will hop over and follow back!

  4. That's exactly how I'm feeling..the college version that is! Hhaha my aunt asked me how I've been today and I'm like " will all be better in about 2 weeks. and then I'll just do it all over again next semester!" haha it's the never ending cycle of college!

    :) Madison
    Looking Up!

  5. If you think Christmas is fun now...just wait until you have children!

    Maren and Brady are abundantly impressed that you have 586 followers. It was the topic of discussion yesterday for quite a while.


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