Silver Lining: when I said hello to the truth

November 27, 2012

when I said hello to the truth

Last week Mr. Emery and I were driving home late at night. Just like that, as we turned the corner into Sardine Pass, everything clicked. I said "oh," and there it was. The truth, and my soul saying hello to it. 

Answers as clear as that sometimes wait for a while, but then they come, they come all at once. It was a specific moment when everything fell into place and just like that, winding through the sleeping valleys on our way home, I knew what our path was. 

Mr. Emery knew it too. He has a way of knowing the truth long before my silly, over-thinking, non-trusting brain comes around to it.

It's new and I promise it's not what you think and it's without a doubt the craziest thing we've ever done, but it's the thing to do, and it feels 100% right.

And how's that for a sleepy late-night update. 

When my soul said hello to the truth. via


  1. I love moments like that. The clarity is such a blessing.

  2. What a blessing.. can't wait to hear more :)

  3. wait, now i need to know, like now.
    don't leave me yet, please.
    and if you are getting a puppy, im ok with that.


  4. Epiphanies are the best. When all the planets align and suddenly you just know.

  5. i wanna know!!
    but seriously amazing when that happens and i wish it happened more often haha it would make my life so much easier! but for now i'll keep being patient.

  6. Sooo sweet!!♥ I love your blog!
    Cant wait to hear the rest!

    Followed you!

  7. Finally made it here. Now following you and I just love what I have read and seen. Will be back.

  8. Wow...this really got me thinking. What a great blog you have. I am your newest follower if that's ok :)


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