Silver Lining: a little bit of counting to start the day

November 26, 2012

a little bit of counting to start the day


counting up:
the many many hours of relaxation I got this long weekend. Breaks leave me refreshed and feeling especially grateful.

counting down:
23 days until my birthday
23 days until winter break
29 days until I get to skype with my brother in Uruguay

counting on:
this week to be productive. a new unit, my teacher work sample, and a big observation all in a few days means I need to be working hard and not thinking about adding to my Christmas decor too much...

not counting on:
my students to focus at all the week before Christmas break. I'm not even counting on myself to be exceptionally focused then, for that matter.

counting my blessings:
I love my close friends, and my long distance friends, and my family friends, and my blogger friends.

What's one thing you're counting up, down or for today?


  1. I wrote a very similar post yesterday. Great minds think alike! I am eagerly counting down to my birthday (aren't December birthdays the best?), Christmas and my husband's 31st birthday early January.

  2. counting down the days until I get to come to Utah... just 21 :)

  3. gosh, this week will be crazy, seriously. so much stuff. but i just want it so be christmas!


  4. Hi There!
    Just found your blog and have been clicking around for about twenty minutes. I'm loving the little home you've created for yourself here!
    xx Your newest follower,
    Kate at

  5. Your blog design is beautiful! Thank you for linking up to the social stack up!

  6. I'm counting on a birthday shopping trip. :D

  7. Love this post! Such a cute play on the word "count." MWAH.


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