Silver Lining: Let the Partying Begin!

December 7, 2012

Let the Partying Begin!

At some point in early December, life gets really busy around here. Deadlines and observations and new units for me, finals and essays and projects for him.

Yesterday we decided the holiday partying just can't wait anymore. {'Tis the season! Deck the halls! Stay up late drinking hot chocolate! You know.}

So here's to a weekend of baby showers, holiday mocktail parties, and Christmas shopping, followed by a fun week of elementary school shenanigans, a mini birthday party for me {hopefully!}, and a favorite things party {plus one very sad commemoration day}.

This is last night, when we went out to dinner to celebrate the last day of Sam's classes, and the first day of the official season. It's called Adventures in Looking at the Camera While Waiting for Rolls.

Who's with me?
Tell me your holiday plans!


  1. If I had any brains at all, I'd plan ahead better so I would have time in December to relax and enjoy the season. But I never learn. Not looking forward to Thursday. But I am looking forward to your birthday. We need to plan!

  2. so excited to be done with school!
    i just ove the christmas season.


  3. Yay for favorite things! My Christmas plans involve: a fancy work party, fun Christmas crafts, making yummy goodies, breakfast with Santa, a big family party up in Midway, tenple square, and much more! Such an exciting time of the year! Oh, and I sure hope to make it up to Zoolights this year!


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