Silver Lining: antiquing from around the world

January 17, 2013

antiquing from around the world

Or, as Neal Caffrey once said, they're antiquities, not antiques.

My grandparents' home is one of my favorite places. They travel the world, and my grandmother's passion is art, so when you're at their house, it's like "oh that's a cool print. OH it's a Degas??" or "oh that's a cool piece. OH a tzar gave that to you in Russia?" or "oh that's a cool photo wall. OH you took all of those as you traveled the world?"

I love their collection from literally around the world. What I love best is each piece is a story, a representation of part of their life together. One day it's my goal to be half as well-traveled and have a home half as beautiful as them.

 Whose homes do you draw inspiration from?
What pieces do you collect when traveling?
And can you get over that elephant carving??


  1. Ohhh...I love White Collar!

  2. I love Neal Caffrey! and love these antiquities! :)

  3. I lived with my parents till I was 17, then lived in a dorm for 4 years, then home again for 3 years and now I'm married and live in the tiniest studio apartment with my husband so there was and is hardly any room for souvenirs from places I've traveled to. But one thing I always always always look for when I'm traveling is earrings. As silly as it may sound it's the one thing I can use on a daily basis and hardly requires any room and it is cheap!I hate buying souvenirs but then not being to display them or use them.

  4. They do have the most beautiful house!

  5. She has an amazing collection from around the world! They really have had quite a full life.


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