Silver Lining: real life teacher life {+ a huge sponsorship deal}

January 18, 2013

real life teacher life {+ a huge sponsorship deal}

//I get to school early, when it's still dark. I leave at 4pm exactly. Starting next week I'll have an 11-year-old to get home to.

//cafeteria lunches aren't bad when you're running late. I opt for the egg rolls and taco soup. Don't go for the ravioli.

//the kids have been on inside recess since we got back from break. If it's not snowing, it's freezing. If it's not freezing, it's smoggy. We have cabin fever. I promised my kids extra recess the second it's an outside day. 

//my team is the absolute best. they're my best friends. we cry and laugh and de-stress and share lesson plans. I have the distinct impression that if I have to change schools next year, it will be a downgrade.

//before I started teaching, I had this huge Pinterest board of classroom ideas. After the first week, I look back and laugh at half those pins. I had no idea.

//secretaries know everything, substitute janitors are creepy, and parents are very very good almost all  the time.

//recess goes by in one second, but if you're outside for bus duty, it lasts 10 years.

It's a busy  and tiring career, but I don't think I'll ever tire of it.
Quick- tell me one thing I didn't know about you!
Your daily routine? Daily life?

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  1. i used to want to be a teacher but changed my mind to photography as i got out of school. i think being a teacher takes a lot of guts! i would be scared to death being in charge of that many kids all day! just nannying two is a handful for me! haha.


  2. lucky girl! i normally leave when its still dark
    and get home when its dark again.
    my SAD is definitely kicking in
    lets trade schedules please.
    also excited about the 11 year old!


  3. Something you didn't know? I found your blog while (I kid you not) researching Mormon blogs for an essay for my Women in North American Christianity class in uni 2-3 years ago. I've been following ever since. Now you know one more of your anonymous followers?

  4. I tutored kids before and currently teach voice lessons at home, but I can't imagine teaching at a school. It's a great thing you love what you do. It seems like the fun times always go by quickly and the boring times drag on. My husband was just mentioning this earlier this week about how when he is at work, the time drags, but when he is home, it goes by too fast.

    My daily routine is making my husband his food for the day. Mostly it's lunch...and of course dinner.

    Good luck with your new adventure!

  5. Hahaha you're cute. I like that it lasts one second except if you have bus duty!

  6. Sounds like a really tiring but rewarding job :) I work at a bank so my day is 9-5 or occasionally 8-6 and on a slow day it can get super boring.

  7. hahah teaching sounds like awesome. especially the cafeteria food.
    im studying at byu to become a teacher for students learning english as a second language and its so much fun! my internship now is a blast too :)

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