Silver Lining: I feel like we should be on The New Normal

January 22, 2013

I feel like we should be on The New Normal

Yesterday marked the official beginning of our family of three. Jason came home with us last night, and it was a whirlwind of meeting family members who dropped by, getting him unpacked, explaining some house norms, and trying not to overwhelm the guy. We could tell it had been a long day when it was 8:00 and he asked to go to bed. Talk about a big change in a small amount of time!

It's awesome having him here. Jason's so smart, so capable, and so used to adapting. We feel blessed to have him, and we're excited to get into routines and get him adjusted.

3 X 5 cards and mini-whiteboards are already popping up all over the house (Emergency Contact Info, Shower Schedule, Healthy After-School Snacks). And you should have seen the principal at Jason's school when I went there this morning ("If you and your..... mother....?.... could take a seat...."). We're so not conventional, but it's so good regardless :)

And speaking of our new normal, this is our first picture as a family of three. I have a feeling it's going to be a new norm as far as family pictures go :)

P.S. I'm still open for advice!
What routines do you and your family like best?

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  1. You guys are so cute!! I love moments like that when you can tell you just caused some extreme confusion - really makes you wish you had a video camera, huh?!

  2. YAY!! The best thing about family is there is always room for one more! A mantra, I believe, that comes from your mother!

  3. Cute picture! Send the 3x5 with healthy snack ideas this way, I'm fresh out! Fruit snacks are starting to count as actual fruit in this house. Make sure you get out for date night! I'm sure all three of you will need breaks sometimes. Can't wait to meet him.

  4. congratulations on your newest family member! :)

  5. So glad to see Jason made it home safe :) So excited for you three and cant wait to see all of the adventures you will have! Good luck! PS. Cutest family photo ever!

  6. Such an amazing story!!

  7. aww, sweetest little family ever! i love it.

  8. So happy for you and this new, fun journey you're on! I respect you so much for your decision to bring Jason in your home... he's lucky to have you!!

  9. Wow this sounds like you had an amazing day! Wish I could have spent it hanging out and relaxing with you. This post has motivated me to take advantage of being At home today and get some things done around here! ( and I will have to blast some music to drown out the Spanish music inevitably coming from the apmt upstairs.... Love you Brooke!


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