Silver Lining: days off and I are friends

January 23, 2013

days off and I are friends

Yesterday I took the day off to get Jason settled in his new school and get a few things done. It was so good for me.

walked Jason to school

cran raz mixed with orange. my fave.
blogged and planned some lessons (inevitably too much blogging, too little planning)
hung out with the furball
 did some laundry 
admired the Great Icicles of 2013
 played a little Chopin (I'm out of practice!)
 melted this all day (Cabin Fever - my new fave)
took a nap on the couch (in the middle of the afternoon! with afternoon shadows on the carpet and everything! The memory of this nap will get me through many a napless afternoon)
made after-school cookies for Jason

Days off and I are good friends. Sometimes it does us so much good to slow down, process things, and just stop moving a million miles an hour for a day. 

What about you?
How do you relax?
I mean, we can't always take days off (unless anyone's figured out a way??)


  1. your pup is so cute! and aren't days off the best? They're much needed sometimeS!

  2. i love chester! i miss him, can i see him soon. oh and you duhhhh
    and that sounds amazing.
    yesterday was one of those days i could of really used a nap, went to bed at 12:30 and woke up at 5:30, dying.
    im going to remember that nap too, for my sake. haha.


  3. I love this. Sounds like a great day!

  4. sounds like a wonderful day :)
    if only elisabeth didn't have class till 8 and you could have seen her and neil caffrey simultaneously :)

  5. oh my! it sounds like you got so much done with your day off! i'd probably just sleep the whole day haha! cute post, and i love the pictures!

  6. aw, that dog. his little face kills me! we need to get together & walk him asap!

  7. Wow! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished! I wish I could be that productive. I hope Jason had a wonderful day at school! That is so neat that you are close enough that you can walk him to school. I would love to be able to do that. I also adore your glass, the 'cracked' glass is so pretty. I am totally craving chocolate chip cookies now. Following you back!!

  8. you are the cutest little mom; I love it!!

  9. can you just be my mom please? i want after school cookies :)


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