Silver Lining: Style: Baby it's Cold Outside

January 9, 2013

Style: Baby it's Cold Outside

Around here, we count ourselves very lucky if it gets above freezing at all during the day. It's cold cold cold! Inside recess every day with my students is not the most fun ever...... but going out on the weekends to play in the snow is a different story. I can't resist running around on a good snow day if I'm bundled up and wearing my favorite boots. That is, I can't resist it for exactly 23 minutes, after which I realize my toes are numb and I start needing a heated car NOW. 

Huge thanks to K for playing in the snow with me, snapping these pictures, and a long chat afterwards as we warmed our toes. 

Sweater: Gap // Jeans: AE // Boots: Macy's // Coat: Nordstrom // Scarf: Gifted 

What's your verdict on freezing cold days? 
Love or hate them?
Is it as cold where you are as it is here?

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  1. Lovely pictures. We are heading towards those cold days over here. Not quite there yet, but they're not far from us now. :)

  2. I love the pictures and your outfit is super cute!! We have had 45 to 50 degree days here in NC... Send some of the snow our way :)

  3. you're cute ;)

    next time we both take snow pictures with K we should probs do them together :P

  4. you are so adorable.


  5. I love your purple coat! Snow and freezing cold temperatures, on the other hand, I'm not too fond of. But I still have to live with them...

  6. i love those photos. adorable.

  7. super adorable photos!! love them

  8. i'm not a fan of freezing cold. but its not that way here and we rarely get snow ever.

  9. Lovely photos and the colour of that blazer looks so good on you! Nothing beats a long cozy chat after a snow day:)

    Pink Chai Style

  10. love these! stop being so cute :)


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