Silver Lining: In which I share my stern teacher look (and my favorite methods of procrastinating)

February 19, 2013

In which I share my stern teacher look (and my favorite methods of procrastinating)

Sunny days off are for partying meeting with friends hiking blogging working.

I sat down to work on my Teacher Work Sample (my equivalent of a senior thesis) yesterday. It's pages and pages of student characteristics, lesson plans, assessment and analysis. So obviously, on these crucial work days a week and a half before it's due, this is how it went:

2:00 two hours of solid worktime (I don't have ADD, I don't have ADD, I don't have ADD)

4:00 drink of water

4:02 check time

4:03 check time again

4:06 eat a rice cake, check time

4:10 burst of productivity

4:50 resist checking facebook, contemplate change of career

4:54 is there a career that doesn't require a massive write-up to show you're competent? 

4:55 another rice cake, check time

4:59 slip into deep funk of despair. I'll never graduate, and also I am a terrible human being. Etc.

5:06 stand up, stretch, jump around for a while, work for another hour

You know. So it goes. 

And then the grand double-spacing gesture at the end! I love that double-spacing and the magical effect is has on my page numbers. Hashtag lezbehonest. Hashtag pretendingimahashtaghipster.

And now, because this doesn't have anything to do with my teacher work sample other than the fact that I wore it to parent teacher conferences, an outfit! I'm not a fashion blogger by any means, but I do like to document my daily style, along with the other parts of my life I record here. Thank you, as always, for reading along!

(my stern teacher look, apparently?)

Any magical tips for getting huge papers written up?
What's your favorite method of procrastination?


  1. youre so cute brooke - and i love your watch :)
    and helping you procrastinate :)

  2. stern teacher look. dern right.


  3. make your punctuation a bigger size =) more space taken up without them realizing muahahah

  4. I agree with Alex. It takes FOREVER but gives you some extra length! Haha

  5. Stern teacher. Get it. Those kids must be scurred. Love the red shirt!

    xo. Deidre || Love, The Skinnys

  6. 1. Those jeans are great
    2. I'd like to own those flats
    3. I don't like to read any of that because I just applied for my doctorate in education. Hashtag gulttonforpunishment hashtag willievengetaccepted


  7. Ohmigosh. TWS about dang killed me, because I did most of it the 24 hours before it was due. (Stupid!) Best thing that helped me was a husband (then fiance) who knows how to make graphs. Graphs are the best! Haha.

    P.S. You're adorable.


  8. I don't know what I'd do if I had to do a massive write up while teaching full time! So not cool. I had to do a bunch of stuff like that during my Master's Internship, but at least I wasn't the main teacher.

    If you like random quizzes Sporcle is my favorite means of procrastination!

  9. This outfit is beautiful. I love the red lace under the blazer. So pretty and it fits you perfectly.

  10. Very cute! Love the red lace. :)

  11. love the red with the jeans! great shoes! rockin lace!

    here are mine if you want to take a look:

  12. I do a little bit of writing. And my trick for better productivity is keep my fingers on the keyboard. Once you take them off and start doing other things, it's all over. And a stretching/water break every so often is important.

  13. You look so pretty! PS Dont forget to use your code to get your ad on my blog :)


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