Silver Lining: oh parent teacher conferences (life's little updates)

February 7, 2013

oh parent teacher conferences (life's little updates)

1. This is parent teacher conference week, so I'm pulling long days and not enough sleep at nights. But it's comforting to know, even when I'm driving home in the pitch black late at night, that I like my job. I love talking to the parents, showing progress in the students' work, and being proud of what I do at school every day.

2. Pictures of what I wore for parent teacher conferences coming soon.

3. This book finally hit shelves. A Blind Eye by Julie Daines is action/mystery/romance YA, but on steroids. And there's a good strong male narrator, which we haven't had since Harry Potter. Read it! You'll love it!

4. When I first heard of this article, I thought it would be just another "how to love your husband" thing. Meh. But it's actually much more. The idea is that you give the list to your husband, and he picks the ways he'd like to be loved the most. I was surprised at some of the things Sam picked, not because I don't know him well, but because that's not the way I would naturally choose to let him know I care. We love it.

5. Jason is such a crack-up. We love having him around (and I dare you to get through a rendition of "this female is on fire!" without laughing). Sometimes we have to leave him home alone more often than we like, but we quite like him, and we think he likes us too.

And that's my Thursday :)
Except that I woke up with a terrible sore throat (lame).  
Who knows sore throat miracle cures??


  1. cute outfit for conferences! And I'm definitely going to check out that article!

    {love jenny xoxo}

  2. Love the outfit. I had a sore throat last night. I had hot peppermint tea and honey and woke up feeling completely fine. I recommend it!

  3. **I had a love/hate relationship with Parent/Teacher conferences when I was teaching! They scared me a lot, because i didn't want to have any crazy parents in my room, but it was awesome because I was involved with them!
    **That book sounds fabulous! Is it scary?? I tend to read a lot at night, and I tend to "freak myself out" with scary stuff! haha
    **Can't wait to check out that article. It sounds wonderful!

  4. I love your outfit!!

  5. It's gross but if you have a sore throat from an infection or bacteria you need apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and honey.

    Best of luck!

  6. I have a sore throat from a virus right now, so there isn't much to help! What usually works for me is about 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with 1 teaspoon (or more depending on your preference!) of cinnamon and you can either eat it just like that, or make tea out of it!

  7. Your outfit is darling! I have no parent-teacher conference experience, but I'm sure you are making such an impact in those kid's lives! I love hearing about teachers who have such a passion for what they do- and I can tell you definitely do!

  8. That red lace it adorable! Crushed it! You don't know how blessed you are to have a job you love:) cherish it


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