Silver Lining: a day in the life of me: hourly pictures

March 24, 2013

a day in the life of me: hourly pictures

5:45 wake up, breakfast time (equal milk-cereal ratio, which is the only correct way of doing things)

6:23 get dressed, causal friday

7:10 arrive at school, search through my unorganized file cabinets for a few papers

8:30 reading buddies with my friend's class, forget to take pictures. keep forgetting throughout the day. (I'm in charge of 30 kids. Ain't nobody got time for pictures.)

9:25 I can convert fractions, decimals, and percents. test next week.

9:45 precious precious prep time. run around frantically and hang the last of these poems.

11:56 it's snowing, so the kids have to stay inside for recess. cute girls in cute spring colors practice their signature.

1:25 look through brochures, brainstorm elements, choose a topic you want to make a brochure about.

2:15 clean-up. One of my students stacks my markers for me every day. Bright colors in one stack, dark colors in another. He's cute, and most likely has OCD :)

3:50 GET THE BEST NEWS EVER. Tell nobody.

4:30 drive home, lament the snow

4:50 ignore the pile of clean laundry that needs to be folded, choose to snuggle with Sam and talk with Jason instead.

5:23 dinner is served (we're out of brown rice)

5:58 drive to Alpine, admire the gorgeous clouds. say hi to my family, whom I haven't seen in way too long.

6:40 take the kids to Trafalga to celebrate Jason's birthday. Play laser tag, laser tag, and more laser tag. Bonus: a blurry shot of my back while rock climbing. You're welcome.

9:49 finally get home. get the urge to fold the laundry. ignore it. climb into bed for more snuggles instead.

Whew! Congratulations on making it to the end. I love these hourly picture posts, though. Have you done one? If you have, leave a link in the comments! I want to see what a day looks like in the life of you. And happy Sunday.


  1. best news?? i wanna know. haha ps. loved this so much!!

  2. What a fun post! If I ever have an interesting day I might have to do this ha ha!
    Very very curious about the best news ever!

  3. Don't leave us hanging-what's the best news? :)

  4. K way to leave my hanging on the good news!

  5. I love this so much! You have a very exciting day! I seriously would love to hang out with 5th graders for a day... and probably a day only. That must be so exhausting! Yay for Summer being right around the corner! :) And... you totally left me hanging now I really want to know your good news!

  6. I gagged at your cereal picture. I pour jusssst enough milk to wet my cereal. And sometimes I have it with orange juice instead. I hate milk, haha.

  7. I have had a post like this banked in my drafts, but I still haven't posted it. I kinda forgot about it! haha guess I will have to post that sucker soon! I so remember the days of practicing my signature! And yeah I would love to know the good news....

  8. I love these hourly posts too! I haven't ever done one and I'm not so sure my days are very exciting but I might have to do this sometime! Also, what is your exciting news?! How long are you going to leave us hanging?!


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