Silver Lining: whoops

March 22, 2013


The gods of luck and timing have NOT been with me.

First of all, let's talk about my vice principal. He's awesome. But every time he drops in to observe me, we're not doing anything academic. Once he came while each student was making a paper snowflake for our winter sign. Another time, he came when I was taking pictures of each student for a project. If I'm ever a minute or two late for picking my kids up from recess, he's there. And when he drops in, he always leaves notes like "I'll have to try and catch an interactive lesson next time." It's kind of funny, actually (if I weren't trying to get a job there net year!). I PROMISE I ACTUALLY TEACH MY CHILDREN. A lot! Every single day! I swear it!

Can I also mention how the traffic dies down right as I'm getting OFF the freeway in the morning.

Or how fun blogger meet-ups are scheduled at the same time as my meetings.

Or those nights in which I fall asleep 4 minutes before Sam comes to bed (lately I can fall asleep in 90 seconds flat. Exhaustion. It's my new talent.).

You just have to laugh at times like this. Laugh, and count down the minutes until spring break (one more week of school! and then spring break!). I'm using all my "how to make friends and influence people" skillz to convince Sam to head down with me to St. George this break, even if it's only for a day or two. Because, speaking of timing, bless BYU's heart, but they don't have spring break. They have their most stressful midterms and papers type of week in store for Sam. Blast those gods of timing.

It's Friday. 
Which means it's almost the weekend. 
And that's a time we can all feel great about.
Three cheers for Friday!


  1. three cheers for Friday!! And I'm a student at BYU and ohhh man..I want spring break more than ever before! :) But I'll just have to make my own (I mean I don't even have class on Fridays, so it shouldn't be too hard.) Good luck making it til next week.

    Looking Up

  2. girl, timing is never in my favor, something i've learned.
    especially with this whole spring break thing.
    what a rip off.
    however, i'm graduating and i'll just keep telling myself that it makes everything ok.


  3. haha. it happens to me as well, whenever the principal comes in! once he came to observe me and i had one kid rolling on the floor because he was bored, another crying in the corner because i took away his pokemon cards and another girl who hadnt taken her medication so i had her in her "playpen" while she pretended to be a cat. needless to say, my class was in chaos... but i got a ton of points for management and creativity. got to love teaching and the gods of timing.

  4. I say your husband takes a spring break anyway! We met a guy from BYU yesterday on our Bavarian Castles tour, just seize the day as he did, y'all deserve a spring break. Go to St. George :)

  5. I think laughing is a good response to this--it's pretty much a law of the universe that your boss is most likely to walk in the room when you are doing something that most looks as if you aren't doing what you should be. oh well!


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