Silver Lining: a Saturday evening walk

March 19, 2013

a Saturday evening walk

On Saturday evenings, you can find me on a walk with a friend.

One of the best things about blogging is when online friends become real life friends. Exhibit A: when Kirsten becomes a friend that goes on walks with you, searching for hints of spring in the trees. The sun is still beating the rain on these daily showdowns, and I wanted to soak in as much as I could.

Speaking of: I'm still getting used to these not-very-rainy Utah springs. It kind of astounds me that things can grow with such little rain. But then, when I go to Oregon, I'm reminded - ah yes, real green.

I love walks.
Don't you?
P.S. Thanks K!


  1. i love walks too! my and my ex used to go on them all the time. now i love to go by myself and look at everything pretty around me.


  2. i love going on walks with you too.
    too bad it got a little chilly.
    lets go again!
    however i'm loving that its warm enough to go on walks.


  3. walks are awesome sometimes.


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