Silver Lining: New blog design + things are looking up

March 18, 2013

New blog design + things are looking up

+ new blog design. It's not done yet, but it's simple and homemade. I feel like it's more grown up than my old one?

+ this weekend I conquered one of my long-time fears: singing in Sacrament meeting. I've sung in choirs for years with no problem, but singing by myself or in a duet is a different story. It made me feel great in an I-can-do-hard-things sort of way. Although mostly I felt relief that it was over :)

+ I'm five pounds down after my first week of diet and exercise madness. It's just water weight, but still, I'm feeling good and I have lots more energy.

+ this sunshine. Every day, the sun has a showdown with its rainy forecast, and the sun is on a serious winning streak. I'm in your corner, sun! Till the referee rings the bell, till both the eyes start to swell. 

+ in case you're in a panic over the dramatic death of gfc (I'm pretty sure only my dad uses google reader anyway) (hi dad!), you can follow me on bloglovin here or facebook here. It only takes one click, and so far they haven't threatened suicide!

Happy Monday :)
How are things looking up for you?


  1. 5 pounds is awesome.....water or otherwise!


  2. Congrats on those five pounds! Water weight or not, as long as you feel good that is what matters! And way to go on the singing!

  3. I like your new design! Sweet and simple :)

  4. Congrats on losing 5 lbs!

  5. You are my first comment to blogging but let's face it you are the first blog I have REALLY read.
    Your enthusiasm for life and your love of the simple, little things is refreshing and fun.
    Keep up the work, both with your family and your teaching, you'll have your time to be a stay at home Mom sometime soon!!
    Kathy Staker (thinking of becoming a blogger myself and haven't quite figured this process out yet)!


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