Silver Lining: the honest answers: about teaching

March 15, 2013

the honest answers: about teaching

The most frequent questions I get asked (besides about Jason) are about teaching. People want to know how I like it, how stressful it is being a first-year teacher, why I'm teaching instead of procreating (to anonymous - your comment was cute. Don't feel embarrassed! You could have left your name! I'm not offended :)). So today I'm here to tell you a little more about my job.

Daily schedule: I wake up extremely early (it's 5:45 as I type this), get a few blog things done, and then head off to school. I prefer buns and flowing hair to elaborate styles. It's easy, and you never know when you're going to be running around at recess with your kids, and your hair style will be ruined.

Class size: 30

Job for next year: I'm figuring it out. It would be a dream to work at my school again, in 5th grade again, but nothing's set yet. I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch (farming idiom I actually know nothing about).

Currently teaching: subtracting fractions, poetry, text structure, newspapers and brochures, volcanoes and earthquakes, and an awesome vocabulary unit with words such as "provoke" and "capacity."

Funny moments: oh so many. I crack up every day with my students. Yesterday we had a who-could-move-their-eyebrows-the-fastest contest, and sometimes we do a daily joke. It's so important to pause curriculum for a few seconds every day and just enjoy your class. It's also a perk when they say the funniest things without meaning to.

Stressing: One of my favorite professors is coming to see how I implement democracy in my classroom. With anyone else, it would be no big deal, but with her, I want to do my very best, and it's kind of nervewracking!

Why I'm not procreating: I would honestly love to quit my job and be a mother. I'd still want to earn a small income somehow, but I'd love to not be the primary earner. It isn't popular to give up your career and take care of a baby at home these days, but honestly that's the dream. I'd love it. Sometime that will be a reality, I hope, but for now, while Sam is still in school, I'm teaching. And it's a good thing I love it.

Have any other questions about teaching?
Comment them, or shoot me an email!
You can even make it anonymous if you want :)


  1. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for next year for you! Keep us posted!


  2. Learning about newspapers in fifth grade (and the book "The Landry News") inspired me to pursue journalism as a career. I still have a few of the papers I made about my family and the things going on in our neighborhood. Way to inspire the next generation :)

  3. I think you should do another post about your cute clothes and where you get your style inspiration from. Spring is here, I have birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and I need to know what to buy!

  4. Loved reading this post, especially since we have so much in common with our current career and our eventual dream. :)

  5. that is hard to be in a place where you're unsure about the next year - hoping you get to stay there!! and I hope to be a stay at home mom too!!

  6. Amen to the funny moments. Sometimes you just need them to remind yourself that you're human. They're human. And though you have a million things on your to-do list and lesson plan, it's okay to have some human minutes. My favorite human moment this week - we had a fire drill at the end of 2nd period. 15 minutes later, my 3rd period students came in, and just like I always do, I tried to settle them down with a loud call of "30 seconds until the bell rings!" Only all my students started to laugh at me. "The bell already rang, Mrs. Brown." We laughed for a few more moments, I did a high kick (cause that's what I do when I feel silly), and they laughed some more. Best part of the day. Period.

  7. Haha, so funny. We get the opposite question over here- why is Rachel not working? Ya can't win Either way!

  8. I bet you won the eyebrow wiggling contest. No one wiggles faster than you!

  9. I love this post! I would love to read more about what you do in your classroom. I have no idea how elementary school teachers with no prep time.


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