Silver Lining: on the imperfections of being human

April 14, 2013

on the imperfections of being human

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This weekend has been a little rough.

The thing is, people are imperfect. People say mean things, and don't invite someone to something, and misread things, and get offended, and do things selfishly, and a million other idiosyncracies that make us all human. And I'm definitely not counting myself out on this. Just last week I got my dates mixed up and didn't bring my donations to my aunt's house before her trip to build houses in Mexico, and I mistook someone's "what are you doing Saturday night?" texts as a definite plan to hang out, and probably offended her when I made other plans.

Nobody is perfect. The good thing is that there will always be more good in the human race than bad. For every imperfection, there will be someone who reaches out, who says I'm sorry, who forgives, who loves, who tries again. And that's comforting to me.

So here's to the goodness in the human race, and to saying sorry, and forgiving, and starting over. Here's to getting up and going to work even when plans don't work out how they're supposed to. And here's to the million and a half little things that make us human, and that make us good.

Your thoughts please:
How do you find the good in humans?
How do you plan to be better?
What makes it easier to forgive and start again?


  1. Well said!
    The thing that makes it easier for me to forgive is I don't like how much energy it takes to be upset or offended. If it's not positive or uplifting, I try to let it go to the wayside. After all, only you can choose to have a good attitude or be offended. If I'm the offender, I try to squash it immediately and explain my reasoning or fault. I try to sincerely apologize because 9 times out of 10, I don't mean it how people take it.
    Being imperfect is very humbling. But like you said earlier, I truly believe there is always more good in the world. Always.

  2. Human relationships is one of the hardest things for some of us (all??) to deal with. That's why I have so many pets! ;)

    No but seriously, I hear you. I guess for myself I have a few strategies I use to help me grow through it (although these strategies change all the time). I always try to keep my side of the road clean. And I regularly investigate my side of the street to see if I messed it up; if I did, then I clean it.

    Friendships are lost, some survive through some hard times and become stronger.

  3. I offend people every day hahahahah. Oh well, it's true that some people are mean intentionally. Surround yourself with the good, and good things will come to you sweetie.


  4. I needed to hear this. I spent my before-school time in a meeting that was drowning in negativity. I'm just going to keep on smiling and say a little prayer for the folks who seem to need a pick-me-up.

    I am a new follower through the "I Love Bloglovin" blog hop.

    I hope you'll stop by and check my blog out.

    Jordan @ Let Them Eat Paste

  5. That stinks... Sometimes we take things the wrong way and misunderstand. I guess it's one of those let's have a heart to heart times to fix it. =/

    Recent Post: Evy's Tree Giveaway

  6. LOVE this post! SO TRUE! And never assume anything either! :)

  7. There IS good in everybody. I seriously just had the worse of experiences with somebody I love last night...except i think i was on the opposite end. I suppose sometimes we have to just give people the benefit of a doubt and expect that they are trying their best just like we all are. I appreciate you posting this! A great reminder we all good through these things

  8. This is good to remember when we are tempted to be offended by other people's idiosyncrasies. (Yes, I had to rely on spell check for that word.)


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