Silver Lining: How to make instagram magnets for a fraction of the cost

April 15, 2013

How to make instagram magnets for a fraction of the cost

I love the look and personality of instagram magnets sold at places such as Stickygram, but I didn't want to pay large amounts of money for such small cheap magnets. So I made my own {cheaper and stronger} ones. Credit goes to my partner-in-crime Jessa, who can make anything two times better while spending half as much.

Materials needed:
instagram prints
mod podge (matte or gloss)
glue stick
chip board
hot glue

1. Order instagram prints in any size (mine are 3X3, and I love the 1/8-inch white border).  If you're local, check out Persnickety in Orem. They have good prices, and my prints were high quality.
2. Use a gluestick to mount them on chipboard. This reinforces the strength. 
3. Mod podge the top and sides of the print for added strength and durability.
4. Hot glue magnets to the back of the prints (I used two magnets for each print to make hanging things on the fridge more convenient).

Et voila! The best deal I found to order these prints online was $15 for 9 small magnets. This was $14 for 18 larger ones. (Just ask my 5th graders - they'll let you know that's less than half the price per stickygram).


True fact: I only have 5 or 10 blogs on my I-have-to-read-every-single-post list, and Lex writes one of those blogs. What I like about Lex is she can take something simple, like an Easter dinner, and turn it into something adorable, family-oriented and incredibly positive. She also has a drooly daughter and just about the cutest house with a white picket fence. She recently posted about losing baby weight, and that was the post I referenced earlier that got me to actually start my weight loss/exercise program (12 pounds down, baby, and feelin' good!). I've met Lex once (can we make that twice Lex? please?), and you better believe she's every bit as adorable and talented as you think (etsy design shop here if you need more proof).

Okay. At some point I need to stop gushing. And that point was probably a while ago. Go check out her blog. You can thank me later.


  1. I don't have instagram so I can't do the magnets, but they're real cute anyways! And that girl Lex has just about the cutest baby this side of the mississippi.


    1. You can though! You can crop any picture into a square, and then print them off that way :)

  2. love the magnets they are such a sweet idea! I just think that they are still crazy expensive prints though :(

  3. hooray! i've been wanting to make instagram magnets for a while, and it looks like this is my push to do it! and i love love love lex's blog. and baby E is the cutest.

    and congrats! 12 pounds is AMAZING!!!!!!!
    I want to hear more about your weight loss journey! (ok, journey sounds incredibly cheesy, but I really want to hear about it!)
    you are incredible!

    let's meet up again, pretty please! :)

  5. I love your blog! Glad I found you through the blog hop! This is such a cute idea and i'll have to try it! I'm your newest follower and can't wait to see your upcoming posts! Follow me back at

  6. I expect some of these for Christmas.


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